Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kyle 6/27/12

Dear family,
Man it feels like it has been two years since i've been able to email since our p day was today and not last monday. The week has been pretty good, we were able to get into a couple different less active homes, who the ward hasnt been able to contact for a really long time! it just shows that missionaries have a really special impact on the ward that they are assigned to. Back in the village ward, i had a cool experience where the gate to this house is ALWAYS locked, and there is no way to walk it. Well, the one time that my comp and i tried to visit them with a member on splits, the gate was wide open and we were able to talk to the people living there. Pretty cool.
Anyways, So the event of the week is that our car is in the shop getting a new bumper. Which will put about $1800 on the churchs tab. Man auto work is so expensive! i wish they would just let me do all the work on our car. But anyways, we will be out of a car for all today, and maybe tomorrow as well. Its okay though. We started to walk to the library, and were picked up by some elders about 3 miles into our adventure.
This Transfer, i was released as district leader, and i am praying that ames would be called as DL already!! i've been DL for 6 months! and he hasnt been dl at all! that little bum! ha
So anyways, our District leader is bran new to the calling, i am hoping that i'll be able to help him learn and grow with his calling, president always puts past DLs with the new ones. To help them out a bit. One of our district transfer goals is counting all of the 50 states license plates. We so far have California, texas, arizona, and missouri. I am suprised we haven't seen Utah yet. But its gonna be a fun way to unify our district.
I hope everyone is having a really good time!!  Being safe and spreading the good word!
Thanks for everyones love and support!!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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