Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kyle 9/26/11

Hello everyone,

This past week has been pretty good, not a whole lot going on in the village ward. But we're progressing at a slow rate.

Last Wednesday we had a lesson with our younger gator. We taught him about the importance of having a prophet in these days, and also about baptism and confirmation. He seemed to understand everything that we taught. But he is still unable to attend church. So we aren't able to set a Bap. date with him yet. His dad said he's gonna see if they can work something out, to get him to attend our ward. So we're praying hard for that  one this week.

Mom, sorry i forgot to tell you last week in the email. But, yes we get the ensigns in our mission. The Oct issue was super helpful! and i'm excited to incorporate some things i learned into my lessons that i teach. Thanks for asking!

I have a question for you mom, a lady in our ward use to be friends with a professor Nelson that taught at BYU a long time ago. I was wondering if you know if Grandpa Glassett may have known him. Just out of curiosity.

I forgot that the seminary building had the pictures of the missionaries that are out serving. Thats cool that kyle owens cared enough to go out and get some pictures from you mom.

Dad, thanks for sharing those stories and experiences. We're taught as missionaries to never get discouraged if a person doesn't become interested with the gospel as soon as its out of our mouths. We're always planting seeds, and you never know when one may "Sprout" ha

i'll be printing off pictures today when we go shopping, so keep an eye out for those.

I love you you all!
Have a great week!

Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

I Feel a Change Coming - Ames 9/27/11

So i really dont konw how i feel about transfers coming up, its mixed emotions. They are still two weeks away, but it still seems so close!
I love it here in the Gila Valley so much, and i dont really want to leave at all, but at the same time it would be fun to change it up a bit. and see other parts of the mission.
This week has been a turn for the better =). We started teaching that highshool kid. I extended my very first baptismal commitment! and he accepted! he then accepted october 22
for his date! i was so freaking stoked! we have met with him four times now, all with his friends who are members, and he came to church yesterday as well. You can really tell that this kid knows that what we are teaching him is true, He even told us how he came to know that the book of mormon was true and how he recived answers to his prayer. Amazing! Unfortunatly transfers are before that... he is just one of the many reasons that i want to stay here in the valley. We also have a less active family, well they are pretty much active again, but they just started taking the temple prep class, and they are super excited about getting sealed in the temple. The work has just gotten so awesome this last week. The lord really does have his hand in all things. Regardless of what it is.
Mom: Yes we recive the Ensign. And we have been told that we are going to be getting a ton of extra copies this next month so we can hand them out to people. (I have only seen this issue, i havent gotten my copy yet)
Dad: isnt missionary work just so much fun? did that experience remind you of being back in england?
Maren: You better cheer loud at the marathon this weekend, the cheer section will be two members less this year. Make me proud. haha, remember at the ironman, when we would yell the peoples names, and they had no idea who we were or why we would know their names haha. good times :D
Love you all so so much!
Love What You Do, Do What You Love
Elder Ettinger

Goat Surgery

Straight rainbow that grew to be a regular rainbow

Helping with an Eagle Project

Ames atop Mt. Graham

Short one - Ames

So this email is going to be pretty short, not a whole lot going on this week, and not a whole lot of time to email.
First of all, im emailing super late today because we went hiking today! it was so sweet. and the weather up there was like 60's! way nice!
I also got to go up on the mountain on saturday to help a ward member out with an eagle project. pretty fun stuff.
This week has been another slow week for the missionary work. Not a single lesson taught. but we did set up some sweet stuff for next week. We are going to be teaching a kid that is the high school quarterback, and he has been going to seminary for the last few months, so the seminary teachers, who are both in our ward, said that he could be taught during his seminary class, well he wasnt about to miss seminary, so he said he would ditch another class so he could meet with us. haha this kid already sounds legit! so we have three appointments with him this week. the firset one is tomorrow, hoping to set a bap date with him! gonna be sick!
So thats about it for this week. sorry this one is so short!
Love you all so much!
Elder Ettinger

4 month Mark - Kyle

Hello folks,

Well its 4 months today, time just flies by from my perspective.

the past week has been pretty empty as far as the missionary work goes. We tract almost every morning for about an hour or two. And usually only get one return appointment out of, 30 houses that we knock on! We also forgot about our investigators this week, and failed to show up to the appointments we made. So right now we're really just not doing good ha. It makes me laugh because we were just so excited to do more service this week for members, that we just forgot everything else.

yesterday was a pretty exciting day though, it was apple Valleys stake conference, and we got to hear from the temple president and his wife, and our mission president and his wife. Great talks. But, to finish it all off, we got the privilage to hear from Elder Packer of the seventy! He is one of the most funny guys in the world! He was crackin jokes left and right, but also had a really spiritual message for us.

I Think about it now, and don't remember if i told you that we got to go to the redlands temple two weeks ago. We did an endowment session, and it was really fun! i got pictures of the temple at night. So You'll be seeing it next time i send pictures. 

Dad, thats really neat that you were able to be a missionary again and talk . . . about the gospel and missions. Isn't missionary work just so much fun!? i love being on a mission, its just super awesome! We really are "Tools" in the lords hands. 

Speaking of, did i tell you guys that here in apple valley there are VW bugs, baja's, like all over the place? almost every 5 houses has at least one VW bug. i always walk up to the cars and check out the engines, and interior. 

Oh, we visited one of our usual less actives.  He rides dirt bikes quite a bit. But, he says he doesn't really know how to work on them much. So in a week or so i'm gonna help him rebuild his carburetor. It should be a good time.

thanks for all that you do for me! 
the mission goes on! One day after another.

Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kyle 9/12/11

hello everyone,

I apologize for not sending any letters the past week since i was unable to email. Usually if we have a holiday on a p-day, we get to email the next tuesday, but our mission pres. didn't give us permission this past labor day, so thats why i didn't get on.

The past two weeks have been the average weeks in the mission, slow finding, some lessons taught. However some sad and good news. sad first.

All 5 of our investigators are no longer being taught, incuding our solid couple. . . and so he called and said he will continue to read the book of mormon, but no more visits. Lame!

Good news, WE have 2 New gators that we're teaching, one is a boy named scott who is 11 yrs old. He was taught by missionaries in the ward he moved from. And he's pretty dang solid right now. We just have to get him to come to church. He lives with his mom on weekends, who is not a member, so its gonna be tough. But we'll work something out. The second is a lady named Shilawn, she knows her bible back to front its crazy! We are gonna teach her the plan of salvation this week.

E.Riley only has 10 weeks left in his mission, ha i count down for him. He's not excited to go home. oh well! ames and i will be 4 months next sunday! crazy stuff! the time just keeps flying on by! and the mission in so fun!

sounds like everyone is doing well and is having a blast!! Mom, and dad you guys be safe in japan! i expect lots of pictures! thats so cool that you guys get to go there! We do email and laundry at sis winelands house, she is a retired Flight attendant, she's been all over the world many times! she's told me some fun stories.

Thanks for the love and prayers!
Love, Elder kyle Ettinger

Ames 9/12/11

     First of all, that subject line means nothing, it just sounded cool. Secondly, this week has gotten alot better =) Elder Nordyke and i are getting along well, and we have two new investegators, and a part member family that we should start working with. Exciting stuff. We were only able to teach two lessons though last week, but with these new 'Gators' as kyle says, should get us some more lesson oportunities. Two weeks ago, we had alot of chastizement from the zone leaders to the zone on not going out and finding enough and getting new people to teach. The Zone has definately changed their attitude and the lord has blessed us with at least 15 new investegators this week as a zone! And we are in the Gila Valley which is over run with mormons =) So its getting pretty exciting.

     So another pretty sweet story from this week. My ward mission leader in 4th ward has a little brother that just got his mission call this week, where is he going? California San Bernardio Mission English speaking! haha i told him that was where my twin bro was at and he was like "Shut up Dude... Your Bro?" haha he then proceeded to tell pretty much everyone "Guess whos brother is in Travis' Mission?... ETTINGERS!!!!" haha it was pretty tight that he was so excited about it. We figure by the time that he gets to the field, that kyle could very well be his trainer. =) you could say that it was revelation. So kyle, look out for a Farmer Boy, Travis Palmer from the Gila Valley. And When you see him be sure to take a picture with him and send it to me :D
     All else is going well.
     Stay Cool.
Love Elder Ettinger

Ames 9/6/11

I have been in Arizona for exactly three months today! wow it seemed to just fly right on by. I am emailing on a tuesday this week, because it was labor day yesterday as we all know, and the library was closed. Maren asked why I was emailing last tuesday as well, and that is because on transfer weeks our pday is changed to Tuesdays so that we transfer on a pday and dont waste a work day driving alot. So instead we waste a p day =/. Transfer Pdays are the worst pdays on the mission, just ask anyone =P. This last week was a pretty hard week. Since we baptized the campbells, we now have no investigators. So we are spending all of our time trying to get some new ones, with so far no avail. We have also been meeting with some members so that elder nordyke can get to know the wards. The Miracle lessons are starting to burn down sadly =(. we are trying to figure out better ways to get some new investigators, Because knocking doors here doesn't work so good for two reasons: one, i know almost every door in my area. Two, Elder Sims knocked all the other ones before i got here, so everyone has pretty much seen missionaries in the last 6 months. So we are trying to come up with some new ideas that havent been done here in the area.
     Elder Nordyke is alot different than elder sims. It isnt bad, its just hard to make the change. We are starting to get to know one another and it is helped me to be a little bit more patient =)
One pretty exciting bit of news! I got a blanket! I decided affter a particularly cold night that it was about time that got one. Its pretty legit, Maren would be proud: Toy Story! I included a picture as an attachment.
Sounds like the family is all doing good. Yes dad im sad that i missed the fireworks, anything that burns or blows up is my type of fun. Haha, yesterday i actualy tried to cut through a glass bottle using some string and cooking oil. I remembered seeing it on a youtube video probably like three years ago haha, but it didnt end up working. I still have to experiment when i get the chance =D
     I got moms package in the mail, Love the Shawn white Gum, and also marens letter with all the photos, thanks for those too. Im starting a Photo Album with all the pictures i get sent to me from home and other friends, it should be pretty fun by the end of the mission.
Kyle Brandt left on his mission didnt he? 
Thanks for all the Prayers on my behalf as well as kyles and all the other missionaries in the world.
Love you all lots!
Elder Ettinger

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Transfer Doctor says . . . Kyle 8/29/11

Hello everyone!

This past week went by super fast! Its crazy how it always seems like i'm going to bed each night, and the days are already over!

Transfer Doctor says:.. Elder K. Ettinger, looks like you'll be staying in the VILLAGE!!!!! WOO!
Yes, that is right!, both elder riley and myself are staying in the village ward again! i'm way way stoked about it! I requested to Pres. Godwin that i'd stay another transfer because we're working with 5 investigators now!! The lord really has blessed the village ward this past transfer! We're really hoping to set a baptismal date with lawerance and Valarie this Wed when we teach them. 

Last saturday for service with crazy uncle bob, i set up some forms to pour a concrete walkway! Clyde Postma would be proud! ha! i love how all the service i've done so far has to do with lil jobs that i've done back at home. Also, last Wednesday i layed Sod for a member who had NO idea how to do it. He said i was called to the village ward to help make his yard look like heaven ha. He's a way helpful member as far as our missionary work goes in the ward. His wife is the relief society pres. So she gives us insights and little tips on certain members, to help them grow in the ward. If that makes sense.

Thats so cool that you guys have the trip planned out for when all the relatives come together! sounds like you'll have lots of good fun! Just wont be the same without the boys, Pistol and Popper!!

The miracles of a mission are so awesome to witness! and the San B mission is really growing quick with members! 

I'm so Glad that everyone is doing well! Have a great week this week! And don't have to much fun!
Stay out of the heat as much as you can! I cant wait for fall and winter here! I'm sick of the heat!

Love you all, Elder Kyle Ettinger

Where in the world is Elder Ettinger? Ames transfer week 8/30/11

    Where in the mission is elder ettinger your asking? Surprise!!! he is still in the Gila Valley! haha. yea im going one more in the Gila, But this time it wont be with elder sims :( he got transferred to Tucson back to a spanish branch. He was way excited to go back to spanish but said he would miss the Gila quite a bit, and i can see why, yesterday was filed with goodbyes. like literally all day we were going back and froth between wards saying good byes, we put 35 miles on our car and we only cover two wards! pretty crazy. My new comp is Elder Nordyk, He is from Illinois and has been on his mission for 19 months. I attached a photo of us. Im still a little nervous about the change because I am the one that has to call all of the shots for the first few weeks, because i know whats going on and he doesnt. So we will see what happens there.
     The campbells were baptized this last saturday! way exciting! And brother campbell came to not only the baptism, but he came to church on sunday to see the confirmation. So that was pretty exciting.  We estimated about 75 people attended the baptism, it just go's to show how awesome the ward is here, and how many people have been waiting for this to happen. There were even a few non-members present that we may be able to start teaching soon, hopfully we can get some member support in there quick  :D. There is also a picture at the baptism. Its kinda blurry. (Some elders are photographicly challenged) It has been a great week for the work, with the baptisms and all, im hoping and praying that this next transfer will hold some great things in store and that we can get more members fired up in the work :D. Some other things i would like to mention:  I found out that pretty much everybody says Ensign the same way that dad says it here, like everyone. Apparently it is an Arizona thing to do? any comments dad? 
     Not a whole lot more going on than that.
Thanks for all the Letters and Prayers.
Love you all.
Elder Ettinger

Elder Ames Ettinger and Elder Nordyk