Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Photos from Kyle

Kyle and Elder Q.

Ames - 12/11/12

Im going to appologize up front this email is going to be super short.
We have zone trainging in like 15 minutes and this was our only time to email this week. 
Yesterday for pday we went down to the Gila Valley, which is like 40 minutes from clifton, and we got to play sports with those elders down there. Alos, i got to see L O again, he was the Thatcher Quarterback that we got to teach while i was there. It was the first time that i got to see him since leaving the valley. He went through the Temple a month or so ago and he is leaving on his mission in four weeks! its so crazy! we are going down to the temple next week and he is going to come to the session as well. Super Stoked. 
Things are really slow here in the clifton merenci area, the ward isnt nearly as missionary minded as Tortolita ward was. Definatly took that for granted. its all good though. we will see what happens.
For Chirstmas Calls kyle was thinking of 2 oclock. that would be 3 here in az and ut. That should work just fine for me. Will we just need to do a three way call? My phone, kyles phone and one of you guys? i think that should work. 
Have a great week. Cant wait to chat it up again! i cant believe its been 7 months since the last time we called!
much love,
elder Ettinger

Kyle - 12/10/12

Dear Family,
Let the work in Hesperia continue!!!!
i am so so stoked for this next transfer! My new companion is elder j Q., he is from Battleground, washington. which is near vancouver i guess.
He was in my zone my very first transfer of the mission, one transfer when i first came to hesperia, then he came back to hesperia last transfer as one of our zone leaders. then he was being transfered. I was so mad because it was gonna be the third time we were only in the same zone for 6 weeks. but then at transfers we were both blown away to see that we were made companions for his last 6 weeks of his mission! later he told me that he requested to president to be my companion for his last transfer! it was really cool, because president actually made it happen! he doesnt usually follow through with companion requests. So we are way excited!
Since this transfer started we have just been getting more and more people to work with, and its only the 1st week that is over!
we have 3 new baptism dates that we set up all this last week! We also got a ton of contacts (a contact is when we just talk to the people on the street or at the door) we planned a transfer goal to get 600 contacts in the next 6 weeks. This is the most i have EVER planned for in my mission. Well, last week we got a total of 101 in just the 5 days we had this week! Pretty awesome! we are heading strong towards our goal!
sounds like everyone is having a good time! i am so so excited for maren to be able to go back to st george finally, and not have to live alone from there on out. :) That makes me really happy!!
Question, can we start talking about a time to be calling the family on christmas? Because its on a tuesday, we can call anytime during the day. i just need to know what will work best for when we start asking members to use there phones. Ames and i can set up the calls like we have done in the past.
I am glad that you guys got a better tree this year, last years tree was nothing to miss out on thats for sure. ha just kidding. I am excited to be able to get a tree next year when we are home. Can you believe that we almost have only 5 months left? Seems like we were just barely saying goodbye to the postmas the night before we left for the MTC.
Thanks for everyones love and support! glad you liked the christmas card, please share it with maren as well, because i forgot to send her one. I forget she lives out of the state sometimes. my bad. Maren please forgive me.
Have a great week! love Elder kyle Ettinger

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are you for serious? Kyle 12/3/12

Dear Family,
So my transfer news is pretty simple, keep the same address you have, because i broke my mission record in an area! i will be spending another transfer in the maple ward! this makes number 6! almost 9 months at the end of this next transfer. My companion elder koyle is getting transfered though, we have had alot of good times being together, but i am excited to see who i am gonna be with next, kinda nervous though!
How is everyone doing? Sounds like we are all getting excited for the Christmas season!
Something i noticed out here, is that everyone says happy holidays, or they are selling holiday trees, its not christmas trees anymore, its sad to see that the world is getting farther and farther from our savior jesus christ! so lame!!
Random fact: In our mission, the missionaries that came out in 2011, might be going home a week or two early to there normal departing date. So there is a chance that i may be getting home before mothers day! i will give more detail on that in a few months when the time gets closer. they are doing this because the time in the mtc has been shortened by one week. So they wanna catch up on weeks in the field, it really doesnt make sense to me, but i figured i'd share that anyways.
This past week was one of the happiest and favorites of my entire mission, we were able to teach two lessons and get one new investigator. But thats not the best part.
We got an interesting call from some other elders, a guy in our area that isnt a member, called all the bishops randomly in the phonebook, until one answered. He said that he was getting ready to end his life, and he made one last phone call to a bishop before he chose that second option. We drove down to his hotel as soon as possible, elder koyle and i were really really nervous about what to say or do, to help this guy out. I was really nervous about this guy killing himself in front of us.
We both kept prayers in our hearts,m and decided to just listen to what he had to say.
We ended up teaching the last part of the plan of salvation, focusing on the kingdoms of heaven. He cried alot, and thanked us alot for just coming to talk to him on a spiritual level. He told us that he was sure glad that he gave the one last chance to make a call to a bishop that answered, because he told us that we had given him alot of strength. This experience was the most love i have ever had for someone on my mission, right now a bishop is giving him some help, and he is gonna be in contact with the employment specialist in the stake. I am so so happy to be able to do missionary work here in our mission its so awesome!!
Thanks mom for the idea for your christmas present, i still wanna send something to you guys though. i will figure something out.
I am excited to be able to go to the dickens festival when i get home. Sounds like you guys had alot of fun going there, even though your little kiddies had some problems with sound and what not.
Thanks everyone for their love and support! its so great! i love you all so much!
Keep being safe and have fun! i keep you in my prayers all the time!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

Ames 11/26/12 Winding down in Tortolita

So first of all, im emailing on Gmails new "Compose" layout. not quite sure if i like it or not. it makes it look alot like a chat menu. The place where i am typing is a box on the bottom right side of my imbox so that i can type up an email and check other emails at the same time. this preview thing also said that you can type multiple emails at once... who would want to confuse two diffrent emails at the same time. i would imagine that you would end up sending the wrong stuff to the wrong people haha. so im going to just stick with writting one email at a time.
This last week was the BEST week we have had here in the tortolita ward since i have been here. Our investigator J.... agreed to be baptized on december 22nd and he is reall y really excited for it :) he is telling everyone who will listen that he is getting baptized. He had some really awesome spiritual experiences this last week that have given him that back bone for his testimony. He doesnt live within our ward boundaries so we will be passing him over to some other missionaries here in the zone but it has been such a great time being able to help him start his journey in the gospel.
I agree with dad, im thinking that both kyle and i will be getting a transfer call, hence my subject line. Its bitter sweet really, Im excited to see where the next phase of my missionary service takes me. But at the same time it will be sad leaving this ward, its for sure my favorite ward. I was able to see it grow from practicaly nothing into a working area that will be able to hold up for quite some time :)  Its really nice being able to think that i will be leaving this area better then i found it. Thats one of the things i learned in scouts :)
So some sad news in the past couple week, Our good friend Dave Lunt has been reliesed as a counciler in the mission presidency. He served for five years and served with three diffrent mission presidents. He was a really cool dude. I will continue to keep some tabs on him when i visit the Gila Valley or if i ever get transfered back there.
Thanks mom for the package, i thought that it was funny because last week i asked for some almond roca in my email and then later that day i get a package that had some! it was tasty. The bread makes awesome toast especialy with that honey butter. yum yum.
I also got a memory card from kyle this week. Its fun sending pictures and videos back and forth so we can better see whats going on with eachothers mission.
Thanks Giving was pretty good, nothing really special, just too much food and lots of left over pie. Just another day i suppose haha.
Thanks so much to all of you for your love and support and prayers.
Much love,
Elder Ettinger

Kyle - 11/25/12

Hey everyone,
okay i gotta answer the questions first
My thanksgiving was really fun, our zone leaders came to our dinner as well.
We did some "Slacklining" that was hooked up to their tree. It was super difficult!
Its where you try and balance on a small "tiedown" type rope, and walk from one tree to the other. The one we did was about 2 feet off the ground. But pro's do it across buildings
and do flips and stuff! super nuts! but way fun. lots of food and i felt like i gained a ton of weight but i didnt.
Dad, i didnt really know what to say about you guys racing with . . .  from my work.
I thought it was pretty cool that its such a small world, that our family keeps meeting people that other members of the family know. Ya know?
I have decided that i am going to be more patient when i get back to work. i have learned alot about patience and christlike love on my mission. So i hope to be better at that when i get home.
mom, the package was awesome! just what i needed to make my day a little better!
The bread did well in the mail. Tasted like it was just made a couple days earlier, the honeybutter was way good to! so thanks for that.
Also, i found out that lapel pins are approved for our suitcoats, so you can send one if thats something you had in mind.
Sounds like the wedding prep is super nuts and alot of work! Part of me wishes that i could be home to help out with some stuff. But i am not complaining that i got out of the work....ha just kidding.
Did the family do any black friday shopping? Ha sounds like ames and i did.
One thing i bought was a new memory card for my camera, a 16gig card was only 8 bucks! super steal of a deal! i love saving money!
I hope everyone is having fun and is staying safe!
Thanks for the love and support that you all give me!
Hope everyone finds the joy in the holiday season!
Not gonna lie, kinda glad its my last christmas away from home.
It just isnt the same not being with the family for all of our fun traditions.
But serving the lord is such an awesome opportunity that the twins have!
Love you all, talk to you next week!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger
p.s..i totally was thinking about the
dickens fest. the other day. and the jubblee of trees. ha good times
Good luck mom with your violin kids at the festival! Pretend that we are there supporting you in the crowd!

Thanksgiving Week! Kyle 11/19/12

Good morning family,
Man everyone seemed to have a ton of awesome stories this past week!
Not gonna lie i think marens was by far the coolest! Recieving a mission call directly from the prophet on the phone! and then being told that your mission call is going to be in china! where no one else has ever been, and THEN your mission will be three years! Thats so crazy!!! I was freaking out, i am going to be telling all the missionaries that i can!
The week for us was pretty good, we got a new ward mission leader that i am really really excited about! he is so awesome! kinda funny because his brother was elder koyles ward mission leader back in applevalley. Small world i guess. We went out with Brother fast this past friday and tried to see some of our potential 15 names people, the less actives that we try and get lessons set up with. It went well, we talked to a few of them, and found out who was really interested and who wasnt. always doing alot of "Siffting" as missionaries, i think ames cam testify of that.
thanks again everyone for there love and support!
Dad...seriously?? Dont be trunky! focus on the lords work in St.George!
I love you all so much and am looking forward to hearing from you guys on christmas!!
Take care!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger
Thanksgiving is going to be super fun i think. Last year i had 3 dinner appointments, this year we are only going to one, no matter what. We are eating with the P.... family, who is super awesome! they are into alot of outdoors things like our family. So its pretty cool. in fact, bro p.... is gonna take us to a rock climbing wall in victorville for our last p-day of this transfer. Should be kinda fun! havent been in a harness for like 2 years though ha
Christmas, i dont really know of anything that i'd like to get, i told mom to just get me some new ties, just a couple though because i have a ton of them now. But new ones are always fun. Mom and dad, what would you guys like for christmas? Ames anything you'd like?...maren, i told you already i think, but your presents are tied in with your wedding gifts i hope thats alright. Elder koyle and i are gonna try and get some christmas cards made up before the end of this transfer. So i may do that this year.
I am so happy to hear that our family is doing such great member missionary work in st george, UT and Durham, NC That word durham sounds pretty familiar, where have i heard that before? ha jk

18 Months! Ames 11/19/12

Kyle and I hit 18 months as a missionary sunday. i cant belive that we have made it this far. i thought for sure that the second coming would have happend by now haha.
This week was really cool. Fast forward to sunday though because that was by far the coolest day this week.
So we go to church and remember that kid that we talked to at the stake BBQ a few weeks ago? well he showed up to church today! and the first thing he does is pull out the book of mormon that we gave to him and shows us a scripture at the end of Mosiah. A little confused i ask, "We left you a chapter in 3rd Nephi. did you start from the begining and read to here?"  "Yep" was the reply that i got! before the end of church he finished mosiah and was ready to read alma! He is a stud. Then durring priesthood opening exercises he sat with us and asked a couple questions about the temple, which we answered and then he asked, "I would really like it if you guys could do like bible lessons with me, could you do that?" Hmmm. well it just so happens that we as missionaries have these lessons that we teach people :) AMAZING experience. now, fast forward to later that afternoon. We are over at a less actives and he has a story to tell us. In the past he has explained how he is very anilitical and so he has had a really hard time with faith. Well this last weekend he had a friend whos server at work went down because of a power outage and he was pretty sure he lost two years worth of data that had never been backed up. If this information didnt get recovered this guys buisness would fail. (Quite the task right... no pressure) Before C... left to go work on it, he said a little prayer asking for guidence to help his friend. After a full nights work trying to get the memory recoverd nothing seemed to be working out. Then all at once, both men got the same idea at the same time and said it out loud at the same time. They tried it and were able to recover all of the data and get they guy back online. C.... told us that this was the first spiritual experience where he could honestly say there was someone helping him out. Its really interesting how the spirit works for each of us. Some people can just say a prayer and get a feeling. for others, a server needs to go down :) It was a really fun week.
Im really excited for thanksgiving this week. We are eating with a really cool family and we will hopfully be taking our investigator with us as well. Should be good.
Love you all so much!
Elder Ettinger

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ames - November 13, 2012

Good afternoon family!
its always good to hear from you all, obviously we are emailing on tuesday this week due to the holiday yesterday. I really dont like holidays on mondays, they are never fun.
But im glad that we are still able to email the next day.
We had our Stake Confrence this last week. In fact all 95 stakes in Arizona had confrence this week. It was a broadcast from Salt lake. We got to hear from President Eyring, Elder Holland, A sister in the primary presidency and also one of the Bishops from the presiding bishopric. It was a really really good confrence. I heard later from a member that Luke  (A Convert i taught in the Gila Valley) spoke at the adult session down there. He spoke on preparing for a mission. Super legit! When i found out the news i was so excited. Basicly makes the mission worth it. :)
This week was an ok week. Not a whole lot of immediate gratification but it helped us get ready for a super good week this week. We have one member of our ward setting up an appointment for us with a guy that has been working on their house. And we just got another referal form a girl down in central Tucson that has a friend that would like to meet with the missionaries up here. So we will be meeting with her this week as well. AND, we are planning on both of our investigators at church this next week, gonna be a really cool week :)
We only have three more weeks in the transfer, and then i will probibly be moving on to a new area, Bitter sweet really. I love this area so much and i have been able to see it grow a TON while i have been here. But its been a long road and im ready to see what else lays in store for the last 6 months of the mission. Its really crazy that we are already to this point. Kyle and i will be 18 months out on sunday... Crazy. haha, in kyles email to me this last week we talked about how we didnt think we were trunky at all and its actualy dad that is the trunky one haha. all in good time.
Thanks so much for all that you guys do for us!
Much love,
Elder Ettinger

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kyle - November 5, 2012

Dear Family,
This past week has gone by really quick!
Best news this week was that we got a new investigator on tuesday, and also had a second lesson with them two days later on thursday. He is and eleven year old boy who is a grandson of a less active lady in our ward. We will be teaching him every tuesday and thursday of each week until all the lessons are done. We will probably set a date with him next lesson!!
Sounds like everyone had a fun weekend with the marching band competition. I remember those days back in middleschool and beginning of highschool.
Dad you think i am getting trunky? That is a false statment. I just didnt want to pass up any money saving opportunities. Sorry if you got the wrong vibe from me making that purchase.
Thats super nuts that seth gets home this week?? what the heck!? i thought it would've been at least a few more weeks! his mission probably is the fastest i've seen it go for someone other than myself.
I love telling members about the ettinger farm back at home. i say "Yea once we left my dad wanted to become a farmer at random, and bought a bunch of chickens" kinda funny.
Halloween we went to our ward party, kind of a lame one thats for sure. So we just went back home and called it a night early. Not as fun as last year thats for sure.
Elder koyle and i are having a great time getting along well and having fun! Thanks for all the support and love! hope you all have a great week!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

Week of Festivities - Ames - November 5, 2012

well this week has been a super fun one, lots of festivities and events, let me start at the begining of  the week:
Normal Pday, found a cool shirt at Khols that was super sweet and on sale for 8 bucks, cant beat that!
Tuesday: We had our ward Trunk-or-Treat, WAY fun, we dressed up as missionaries (Obviously) but people loved it haha. we had about 400 people attend :) Lots of members invited their friends.
Elder Foster and I decorated our trunk up as a monster, complete with smoke coming out of the nose! for a last minute progect and for just using cardboard and spray paint i feel like it turned out pretty well :)
Wednesday: Halloween! The day time was pretty uneventful, we got to see a few people. We had dinner with a really cool family in the ward and we stayed there for a while and played chinese checkers with the real chinese rules! (The member served his mission in hong kong) and then we played a really fun church history game that we play alot when we go over there for dinners.
Lots and lots of fun.
Friday: We had a Mission Leadership meeting, It was a tad bit too long, it started at 8:30 and we got home at 5:30. luckly they at least fed us lunch in the middle, and more than anything it was really fun to see some old buddies that i havent see for a long while. and the meeting was pretty good, but like i said, a little long.
Saturday: We had our Stake Barbeque on saturday night that was supposed to be a really big deal to invite your friends to but there wasnt a whole lot of inviting which was a little frustrating but we did have one cool story from it. One of the Young Women in the ward invited her friend to the trunk or treat and also to the BBQ. While we were chilling at the park we saw her and her friend from across the way and so i texted her and told her that she should invite her friend to meet with the missionaries, her reply was "Im one step ahead of you!" We texted a bit more and she said that he had to go and talk with someone so we told her that we could do it a diffrent night and we left, well, about a mile down the road she texts us again and said that tonight would be perfect, so we quickly turned around and we got back to the park and were able to teach him a mini lesson right there at the park and he commited to read and pray! super amazing! i love being a Missonary!
Its crazy that Seth gets home this week! What!?!?!?! it seems like he just left!
Dad i dont know what you mean about being trunky haha...
Thanks for all your love and support!
Much love,
Elder Ettinger

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ames - October 29, 2012

I cant believe that Halloween is already here! Just like kyle said, i can remember chilling in Picture Rocks last year at this time. And 18 Months in a few weeks! what!? It kinda just hit me the other day that we really dont have a whole lot of time left out here. Bitter sweet.
This week has been a pretty neutral one for us, we were able to see a bunch of diffrent people this week but it seemed like nothing happend. Even though it feels like something should have.
We have our trunk o treat on tuesday, we have really really pushed it as a ward to invite non member friends to it. We are planning on 350-400 people in attendance :) we already have a ton of members telling us about their friends who have confirmed that they will be there. so we are really excited about it. Also halloween itself should be fun, we have dinner with a really cool member and we are gonna stay there for most of the night because we arent allowed to be out and about. Should be a fun party.
Really excited to vote here in the next couple weeks, my voting location is in a catholic church next door to our church ha, should be fun to see the looks on the pollers faces when the mormon missonaries show up to vote.
We heard about that huge storm hitting the coast, its good to hear that maren wont be affected by it.
Mom, next time you get ready to send a package you should try to send a loaf of bread :) some nice homemade bread sounds super good right now :)
 also, i can only think of one member that ran the St.George marathon this year but i dont know her first name, her last name is roberts, maybe you could look up the last name with where they are from.. i dont know.
 Got a Package from the Larsens this last week, bunch of tasty goodies haha. i have something to snack on this last week of the month because im too poor to buy food haha.
Hope all else is going well at home!
cant wait for Maren and Jake to get hitched!
when will you be sending out wedding announcments? i better be getting one!
much love family!
Elder Ettinger

Kyle - October 29, 2012

Hello Family,
The weeks seriously feel like days! I cant believe that next month is gonna be our 18 month mark. Thanksgiving is already coming up, halloween in a couple days! I feel like i was just barely in applevalley doing all of this stuff last year! Nuts!
So dad mentioned that we only had six more months and to give it our all, well news flash, i am actually less active.... i havent gone to church for like 3 weeks now, and i am really just joking about this, and figured i'd give you a scare..
For halloween we have our ward activity which will have a chili cookoff, costume contest, and dessert contest! Its funny that mom mentioned dixie salad this email, because i've been wanting to make that SO bad!! are pomogranets in season right now? A couple members tell me "Get me the recipe and i will try and make it as good as your mom"
So mom if you could email me the recipe for the dixie salad that would be awesome! Thanks!
Elder Koyle and i were thinking about doing a "Cop-out" chili and buying a big pot from wendys fastfood and entering the contest! ha fun stuf, we arent allowed to dress up in costumes for halloween, so we were thinkin about using some temporary hair coloring stuff, and koyle would be a redhead, and i'd change my haircolor to brown, and we'd just be each other for halloween. you know, switch nametags. But we may not even end up doing that.
Sounds like everyone is doing well at home. Dont worry the next 2 months are gonna really haul the mail!! WEll, at least for ames and i ha!
One of the times Kim Nelson came to visit he brought austin, it was really fun to talk to him, And i mentioned that all of the fears of being a missionary leave once you start working in the field. He would be a really awesome missionary.
Thanks for everyones love and support!!
If anyone wants anything for christmas, let me know.
p.s..Maren, yours and jakes gifts are combined with your wedding gifts, i am not made of money, so i cant really do both. Hope you understand.
Ames, i'll maybe just send you a card...if that...haha! just kidding my brotha, but seriously, we dont even really need to get eachother stuff, as missionaries it is really easy to accuire lots of Junk.
Thanks again for the love!
talk to yall next week
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

P-day shopping?

Kyle - October 22, 2012

Dear Family,
So elder koyle and i are both staying together again for next transfer here in the maple ward. That makes me Tie my record in village ward for being in an area for at least 7 and a half months. i Like being in areas for a long time though. So i am super excited for next transfer.
on saturday we went out with our ward mission leader for 3 hours before dinner with his family. We hit 12 families and talked with 10 of them! All were invited to our ward halloween party on the 31st. We are hoping alot of them come on down to the church.
Sounds like you guys had a really neat fireside this last week. i alway wish that we can go to the youth stuff as missionaries.
We may start going to the mutual activities to help out the youngmen. This wednesday they are building model rockets for some rocketfest that they do in victorville. We are hoping that we can participate in that haha.
Thats way cool that the chickens are getting really big. I've been waiting for you guys to send a picture of the setup and what not.
Thanks for everyones love and support! you are all the best!!
Where is october going?? This is nuts!
Love you all,
Elder Kyle Ettinger

Ames - October 22, 2012

Its so crazy that its transfer week again. time just goes by so fast!
Elder Foster and I will be doing another transfer together here in Tortolita ward, Should be a good time.
This last week was pretty good. we were able to see one of our investigators a bunch of times and we were even able to catch some General Confrence Re-Runs on sunday with him :) Im really excited to stay here in tortolita, when im finished up i will have been here for 6 months! the longest that iv been in any area. We are hoping to get a couple baptisms before the end of this transfer. Its going to take some extra effort but its going to pay off :)
We just jumped on real quick so have a great week!
Much Love
Elder Ettinger

Ames's cool pumpkin he carved.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ames - October 15, 2012

So this week was a super great week, it seems like every week that goes by gets better and better :)
We were able to meet with one of our investigators at least 7 times this week! mainly because he fell down and got hurt and so now we go over there and check up on him quite regularly because he doesnt have any family here in tucson. Its really cool because he totaly understands that we are desiples of christ. Real neat. Last night when we went over he said, "Red, (Thats me) I prayed like you told me about the mormon church. I started crying man, like a baby. It was so warm like god was holding me in his wings."... Things like that make the mission. we are ready to extend a baptismal invitation to him this week and he told us that he is going to work as hard as he can to be well enough to come to church on sunday. Love the guy so much.
Transfers are this next week. Crazy that another one has already gone by. it seems like it just started. Kyle and i will hit 18 months next transfer, 3/4th of the misson is over.
 Today for pday we went hiking! it was pretty fun, i drank water like a camel though and of course i ran out before we were done. super hot here. it was pretty fun though. ill send some pictures :)
Im super tired and sundburnded, (Mom wont be happy :) ) So ill finish here.
Love you lots!
Elder Ettinger


Kyle - October 15, 2012

Dear Family,
Thanks for all the emails and support! Lots of fun reading the weekly emails.
So i gotta start off with a funny story.
Last friday we came to the library to make a copy of my drivers license, to send with my voting packet. And i totally left my license in the copy machine! I didnt notice that it was gone until last night, i was lucky to be able to come here this morning to email, and i asked a man to look for it in the lost and found. It was there!! Win!
I didnt think anyone would have use taking it with them, so i wasnt nervous about getting it back.
Second cool thing, on the way to the library today, i totally was talking with one of our investigators, and set a baptism date with them over the phone! pretty cool experience ha
The date is set for Nov 10th. Now i hope to be able to stay again this next transfer. But who knows. the church is true no matter what happens.
Mom, i am not happy that my funds are getting close to that limit again, i am really trying harder to not spend my home funds. Can you send me my total balance of my savings account? you know, the one that had my money from work. Im curious what it is at. But just send that to me in a seperate email, i dont want to make ames jealous...ha love you ames!!
I love doing service projects! its so fun!
This last weekend we were able to help our non-member friends again with mowing there lawn, and we got to till up there garden with a sweet tiller machine! Way fun!
Elder Bowler came through the mission this past friday and saturday.
He took us out to lunch when he got here, and we went with him while he ran a couple errands. We went to a tool store, and i bought a "pencil Torch" which is like a blow torch that does a 2000 degree flame, but its small and handheld! super legit.
Bowler bought a bunch of tools for his shop and what not at home, he says that he is working alot, and having a good time.
He told me that lindsley miller met him in his ward, and asked if he knew me, since we were in the same mission. He said "Yea i know kyle ettinger, we were companions" ha I thought that was pretty cool.
Our meeting with elder C. Scott Grow was really awesome!! He focused on the importance of less active lessons, and asking the less actives for refferals, because it really is the in active members, that have made friends with the non members around them.
We all know that active members hardly ever make friends with non members. So i thought that was pretty awesome.
Hope all is going well at home, and in NC maren!!
Everyone keep being happy and having fun!
Dad, good luck on your big ol paper!! Get that thing wrapped up alright?
Thanks for everyones love and support! it means alot!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

Ames - October 9, 2012

So totaly loving being a missionary, this is the greatest work of all time!
Congratulations to mom and dad for finishing the marathon. I tried having a memeber in the ward text mom friday night but apparently you dont have the same number anymore or maybe i just dont remember it anymore i dont know haha so i had them text dad instead. I think its fun. There were a couple people running from the tortolita ward, ill have to ask them at church on sundee how they did. I, like kyle and maren, really missed being there for marathon day. its was so much fun riding the course on our bikes as a kid. Maren and mom will remember the last one that the three of us rode that i drank waaaaayyyy too much water (Nothing new there i was and still am a camel haha) and "Up-Chucked" it all at the top of one of the bigger hill climbs haha. good times. How did the old bearded guy with the brown shirt do? or what about the guy that takes a stroller every year? love it!
I really enjoyed confrence, we got to watch it at the stake center, with a couple members, and with an investigator! Loads of really good information and quotes. I really liked the talk about asking a missionary. after the session we were making up more things you should ask a missionary about: "Would you like to save your soul? ask a missionary" "Would you like to have your weeds pulled? ask a missionary" "Would you like to cook dinner for someone? ask the missionaries" "Would you like your roof redone? ask a missionary" haha it was fun. On sundee night we went and contacted a referal that we have had for a few weeks now but we have never been able to catch them home. We met with him and introduced ourselfs and instantly we had a gospel conversation going. He is ready to hear the gospel. We talked with him for about an hour and a half that evening and we are going to be going back this next sunday to continue teaching. Also this last week, we were tracting and we knocked into a lady that came to church two weeks ago to the primary program and she just loved it! so she said she would talk to her husband about having us over this next week! super cool, and they already have friends in the ward! And to add some icing to the cake, on our way to emailing today we got a call from a member of a diffrent ward that talked with a former investigator that is in our boundaries that wants to start meeting with the missionaries again :) We are working harder than ever and we are seeing the miracles rollin it. Love the mission.
Super duper excited for the Tucson Arizona Temple!!!! we watched the first session in the stake center and it was our whole zone of missionaries and then a few other members and when President Monson announced the temple there was quite a bit of fist pumping going on haha. after we all settled down we realized that no one heard where the other temple was going haha. The members are super stoked. Im sad  that i wont be around for when it finishes but im definatly going to come down for it :)
Thank you all for your prayers and for your encouragement. Its getting very real that we wont be out here much longer.
Much Love!
Elder Ettinger

Kyle - October 9, 2012

Dear Family,
As you have probably realized, we are allowed to email for a short time today, because of the holiday yesterday! its so lame that all of the holidays land on a monday!
Mom and dad! i am so excited and happy that you both did really well in the marathon! mom i am so so so proud of you for finishing your first race!! I can honestly say that reading your marathon report has been the most i have ever missed you my whole mission! I wish i could've been there to cheer you on! I am so happy mom! i Love you so much! Good job! So happy right now!
General conference this past weekend was probably my favorite of all the conferences i have ever watched! Very awesome talks given in this one.
My companion and i were helping a family move saturday morning, so we missed the first hour of the first session. So we did miss the news of the mission age change, but as soon as we got to the church to watch the conference, three other missionaries came running up to us to tell us the crazy news! Pretty exciting stuff!
Elder Koyle and i have been chattin about it. and we are hoping to see some 18 year old Elders and 19 year old Sisters be assigned to our mission before we are heading home. However, getting deep into the works of the mission, if alot more sisters come out on missions, that means more car areas for the sisters, and alot more bike areas for the Elders. hope i am home before that happens ha. I like to be in a car.
Thats cool that Jimmy is on a mission in Salt lake. I cant believe he is already out on a mission! people grow up super fast! How old is trevor now?
Elder bowler is coming to our mission this next weekend! He Is going to stop by and take us out to lunch or something. Pretty excited to see him again.
Sounds like everything is going pretty well at home! Thats nuts that mom pulled out a big ol yam out of the garden this last week! Crazy stuff!
I cant believe that we only have like 12 more days in this transfer! this has for sure been the fastest of my mission! My companion is just the bomb!!
Thanks for the emails and the support! you guys are all awesome!
Have a great week and always be safe!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger
p.s..did anyone see warren jeffs or "Totally awesome computers" guy in the Tab choir this conference?
Hope that brings back some good memories! ha

Kyle - October 1, 2012

Dear Family,
Hey there everyone! Man seem like the time keeps going by! and everyone in life is still busy as ever!
I just want to thank everyone for all of there love and support! i would'nt be having as much fun, be as motivated if i didnt have the love of my family! I continue to hear stories of missionaries hardly ever hearing from there family, and it makes me so upset!! i am just so blessed to have such a great family that cares about me alot!! much obliged!
The past couple days, since i emailed last wednesday have been pretty good.
We were able to do two different service projects. One was cleaning up a front yard, and cutting down a bunch of dead limbs on a tree. The other was mowing and weedeating a yard! my favorite! and at that same house we got to pull out a big willow tree with a tractor and a truck! super fun stuff!
Because elder koyle worked on a farm, and did landscaping type work as well. We talk about how we miss mowing grass and running tactors. It was a fun reminder of what i will be able to do when i get back on the golf course at home.
Funny story, our zoneleaders called us last night really late, and had us drive down to one of the other missionary appartments because we were closest to them. They werent answering there phone or texts, and they hadnt reported numbers yet, so they were worried that they werent home/dead ya know?
Well we went down there, banged on the door, and found that they were there, already sleeping, before they reported there numbers ha. It was kind of funny.
Thanks again for everyones love and support!
i am really excited for general conference this week!
Love you all,
Elder kyle Ettinger

Ames - October 1, 2012

This last week has been a pretty good one, we were able to meet with our investigator a couple times and he is super super prepared to recieve the gospel, way cool. We talked to him about bringing members with us to future appointments and he was ok with it so im thinking that will help him want to come to church and it will keep our lessons a  bit more focused. Im really excited about it :)
For Pday this morning we went and played some frisbee Golf again, the big pond that was there last time recided quite a bit so we could play a bunch more holes, but then one of the holes went through a mesquito breeding ground and so we decided to call it a day and go get some breakfast at ihop haha it was a good choice. This afternoon we are going to hit up a two dollar bowling place. way stoked.
We had two babies blessed in church yesterday, it was fun, both of them were actualy cute babys too haha. you know how most babys are really not cute but everyone is obligated to say theat they are anyways haha. It got me thinking that i want to read what my baby blessing said. Im pretty sure mom wrote it down in our journals. if this is the case i would like a copy either on paper or just in an email would be fine too.
The Voter registration lady called me the other day because she was procssesing my forms and i put 3/16/12 for my birthday... whoops. We got it all squared away though and i should be reciving an early ballot so i dont even have to go to the correct voting place. i better get one of those fun stickers though or I'll be mad.
Good luck to our Marathon runners! There are at least two people from my ward here in tortolita that will be going up to the STG marathon. ha. ill tell them to say hello to you all when they run by!
Love you all mucho!
Elder Ettinger

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kyle - September 26, 2012

Dear Family,
Hey there everyone! How are things going back at home? How is the weather?
It is suppose to start cooling down here in the desert, It has been a super hot summer, and i really hope that we have a nice spring.
The past week has been the usual, we were able to visit with 7 different families this week! Which is quite a bit compared to what we have been seeing in the past. so that is pretty cool.
The picture that you sent of dad with his skin cancer removal was pretty intense! it reminds me of the time i had that deal taken off of my hand. People still ask me what the scar is from. I tell them to look up my facebook page, and they can see the hole in my hand.
Thats really cool that the chickens are starting to learn the ropes of life and what not. Not gonna lie, i am pretty excited to see there home, and get to know the names of all of them when ames and i get home.

Elder k and i are doing well, we are getting along, having a fun time. And life is just good!!
Because the work is so so slow here in the maple ward. We are talking with our mission president to close the maple area down for missionaries for a couple months. a.k.a the maple ward wont have any missionaries in there ward. Because no one is helping us with the work, our ward mission leader is never in contact with us. So we think that if we deprive them of the blessings of the missionaries being in there homes and ward. They may get there act together.
I am really getting excited for the marathon coming up this next month, what is the exact day of the race? so i can cheer from california. I am really excited to see how mom does.
Dad, i dont think it matters what you do, we already know that you will finish it, you've done it a million times. ha Just kidding, i wish i could be there to support both the parentals.
Next month on the 10th, we are having our second mission tour, which is when someone from the qorum of the seventy comes. We are having elder C. Scott Grow come. it should be fun, i wanna joke with him and say "so do you ever tell people to see scott grow?" ha
So why in the world does my bedroom become a laundry and sewing room?? That had better change when i get home. haha
The time keeps on flying by out here in the wonderful california desert!! I think we have about 247 days left....but who is counting right??
Mom, glad that you got the letter from me, hope you can get it to maryilan soon.
I cant seem to figure out how to spell her name.
I laughed when i heard that ames hasnt been smiling much. i thought to myself "If he was with his twin brother, that family would get mega annoyed of us!" man i cant wait to see my brotha again.
Thanks for all of the love and support that you give me! it sure means alot!
Everyone be safe and have a great week!!
Talk to you in a couple days, next monday.
Love, Elder kyle Ettinger
A rain suit Kyle found in his apartment.  Railroad workers wear suits like this.
A champion again
A baja bug we helped a member with

Things are on the climb - Ames 9/24/12

This last week was an Awesome one for the Tortolita ward! We found a new investigator! haha it was about time. He is in his 60's and we tracted into him while i was on exchanges with the zone leaders, so unfortunatly elder foster wasnt there to help find him, however we had another lesson with him on friday as well and Elder foster was with me for that one. This guy is totaly ready to hear the gospel, he says stuff like "Its a miracle that you came to my door that day" or "Im at the lowest iv been in my life." We are really really excited for him :)
We were also able to see a few less actives this week and continue to teach them so that was really awesome as well. Elder Foster is really easy to teach how to be a missionary, the MTC is doing even better than when we were there with their pre-mission training, Fun stuff!
Glad to hear that everyone is doing good. Im working on praying for everyone by name in my evening personal prayers, it helps me stay focused and helps me feel like my prayers are helping too :)
Today for P-Day we are going to be playing some dodge ball, super excited, pummling someone else with a ball really helps relieve the stresses of missionary work :)
Mom, i do smile all the time, sister c just likes to tell me that i dont, well, maybe i dont when im in the office because im usualy trying to get in and get out with whatever it was that i needed, and im not one to "Suck up" to the office staff like other missionaries. haha. But in my usual missionary work and with ward members im allways smiling and joking around. :D
Dad , my next temple trip is probibly going to be in november sometime.
Love you all so so so so so much!
Have a bomb digity week!
Elder Ettinger

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ames - September 17, 2012

So quick story to start my email this week: so totaly got into a bash with a guy on the way into the library today. thats an easy way to ruin a day haha. he argued that the book of abraham is a complete fraud and that makes joseph smith a fraud as well. he kept saying, "If you look on the internet..." haha what a great source of information.I tried to explain that that isnt what really matters anyways and that its that we all believe in christ and have faith in him. He then proceeded to tell us how we didnt teach people to have faith, repent, be baptized and recive the holy ghost... wait a minute, yes we do! he wouldnt listen though, i hate how he thinks he just did the world a favor.. pisses me off! gotta love the mission :)
So this week has been great, Elder Foster is a boss and we are working hard and having fun! I have come to find on my mission that when you are working hard, thats when you have the most fun as well.
We were able to see a bunch of less actives this last week, that cowboy guy i was telling you about last week came to church again yesterday, you can almost see the spirit rekindiling inside of him. Super awesome.
We had our visit from elder Ballard this last friday! it was really really awesome.We got to all line up and shake his hand. Elder Pikart (an area 70) and Elder gaye (from the quorm of the 70) also came to speak to us. They all focused on principles from Preach my gosple and how to apply them into our missions. it was a really fun time. Elder Ballard left time at the end for questions but i he never called on me :( i was really bumbed, It was really cool to be in the same room as an Apostle.
Just found out some super awesome news at the mission confrence! Im not sure if you remember or not, but when i was in Thatcher Elder Nordyke and I taught and baptized the Quarterback? Anywho, He just got his mission call to Uraguy and he will be leaving in January! WIN!!! Its stuff like this that makes missionary work so rewarding! I love it. Im going to talk to President Killpack at Zone Training this week to see if i will be able to go down for his fairwell. Im pretty sure that he will be ok with it. Super stoked.
I hope that you all are having fun times!
Love you all mucho!
Elder Ettinger
ps. Kyle and I hit our 16 month mark tomorrow! its going way to quick!

Kyle - September 17, 2012

Hey everyone,
Man sounds like everyone at home has a ton of stuff going on.
As you all know i got a new companion! and we are having such a great time!
Elder Koyle is from Burley Idaho! Cool huh? He worked on a farm back at home.
He is a really big jokester. So we have been laughing and having a good time, and
we are already really good friends! And it has only been 6 days.
 We had a pretty slow week, we were only able to see a couple people, but we were
challenged by our bishop to see/ teach at least 7 people this week. we are pretty excited
to start workin real hard. But have alot of fun at the same time.
Question: Could i get our address of the house we lived in, in burley? i wanna see how close i lived to elder koyle ha. Its fun being able to know someone that lived where we did. But we know nothing about the place.

So i realized last night that its already the middle of september. Has bishop shutdown the golfcourse yet for overseeding? I sure loved that time of the year! Lots of work hours!
Dad i will try and find some time this evening to write a letter to marilyn. ha i think it is funny that you reminded us who she was. Mom has been her friend for like 900 years! I dont think ames and i would ever forget her.
Thats nuts that there was a big flood out by the snowcanyon highschool. I will have to tell elder lieske about that. He lives in santa clara, and went to that school.
Mom, you made it sound like seth was getting home before alex leaves the mtc? did i read that correctly? Just kinda got confused there for a minute.
Well thats really about it for me this week.
I love my new companion we are getting along great.
we will for sure be friends for ever!
I love you guys! Always be safe in your activities!

Love, Elder kyle Ettinger

Elder Koyle and Elder Ettinger
The freeway near Hesperia

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kyle - September 10, 2012

Dear Family,
hey there everyone,
So as some of you might know it is transfer week! Elder k is going to be leaving the area and heading off to a new adveunture, while i will stay in the maple ward yet again and pick up a new missionary. My friend back in applevalley, elder p, he is getting transfered from the rancho Cucamonga stake down the hill. So i am REALLY hoping to be able to go down there and pick him up as my new companion. We will find out today which transfers i go to. either the one just up here at the desert, or the ones down the hill.
Thanks dad for the PT information, i read through some of it, and alot of it just went right over my head. So i dont know if i will persue that carreer father. I hope you understand ha
also dad, i am grateful that you got some use out of my eagle project while doing your physical fitness badge. How are those deacons doing these days?
So we were able to get a new investigator this week, but then he called us a few days later and told us that he moved down the hill at a moments notice. But he said he is going to find the closest LDS church and get in contact with the missionaries.
I am sorry mom that your knee is having some issues. I will pray as much as possible that you can have a smooth recovery, and be ready for your very first marathon!! Woo
Go Carrot!! ha
I am really looking forward to the next transfer. I decided that my new companion and i are going to have a transfer goal to get at least 200 contacts by the end of the transfer. That is just over 30 a week. which is super high for the desert, but i have faith that it can be done.
Well i am pretty excited to hit this next transfer with all i've got! Please continue to pray for me. I sure appreciate it.
Thanks for all of the love and support!
Keep having fun, and always be safe!
Love, Elder kyle Ettinger

Zone activity

Cool sunset

Kyle - September 4, 2012

hey Everyone,
Sounds like all is going well back at home and what not.
Time keeps flying by really quick.
Thanks for the package of goodies. Sure appreciate the random
things that show up in the mail. Its always fun.
I haven't recieved the letter with the ballot in it yet.
Our mission president said we are allowed to go online
and do a little research for the election if we have one of the ballots.
This past week we were able to help with 3 different service projects!
One of which was Trimming palmTrees. We were at the house working
and eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 11 hours! It was alot of fun,
but really good hard work.
Today we were givin a refferal for a guy that lives in our area,
he came to the church building right after our district meeting
and we were able to talk with him and get an understanding
of where he is at with religion and stuff.
We have an appointment to teach him tomorrow morning.
Yesterday for p-day we had a zone BBQ and also a talent show.
Elder w (the one that knows jake) and myself did a song,
while he played guitar, it was really fun!! Very nervous,but happy
to get  out of my comfort zone and not hide my talents under a bush!
I was really wishing i had my drums, i would've played those for everyone
Im sorry about your knee mom, i hope dad gets it worked out asap.
I have been having alot of back pain, and i always wish dad could be
here to help me out with it.
Dad, did you ever send the PT info in a letter at all?
I am hoping it gets here before transfers.
Random side note: I was looking at a map a few days ago, and found a street
named "Locke" that is down by our mission office, so next time i am down the
hill in rancho, i will try and swing down by it and get a picture.
I really miss kolob! i cant wait to be able to go back there, Maybe hike
boundry again who knows...
Thanks for everyones love and support!!
Have lots of fun and be safe!
Talk to you later
love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

Ames - September 4, 2012

Crazy that we are already at the last week of the transfer, they are definatly going alot quicker the further along we go. At the end of next transfer we will have been out for 17 months... Wow.
Good to hear from all of you, i didnt quite understand what all is going on at sunny slope, sounds like our logger doesnt no how to drive a tractor all that well, should have had one of the twins up there to run that dog. Plants grow back though, its the way the earth works. I hope all the parties involved have a possitive outlook on the situation.
So a couple weeks ago i was doing some family history at a members house for a little bit after dinner, i was using i think? anywho, its really cool becasue when you enter in your ancestors information it will continualy search other peoples family trees and other information that matches what you have and suggest diffrent or new information that you can add if you think it is accurate, so one thing that I found that i think mom should look into is that the furthest Ettinger back, Ludwig Ettinger, may actualy be Luwis Ludwig Ettinger. There were about four or five other peoples trees with that as the name and only one other that had ludwig, but the information on his wife and birth dates and whatnot were all the same, so maybe look into it if you can, could lead to a break through :)
Elder Ballard will be coming to the mission next week, pretty excited for that, im sure he is going to have some awesome advice for our mission.
As a mission we had 30 baptisms this last week, more in one week than we had in a whole month in the past. Pretty sweet. Our mission is getting to "The next Level" that President Killpack keeps talking about. Its pretty cool. Im excited for this next transfer to start so that I can again refocus and put in another six weeks of missionarying.
I got moms package this last week, thanks for the cookies. :) ill keep an eye out for your letter, ill probibly get it today due to labor day if you sent it to my appartment, if you sent it to the office it may be after transfers, they hold mail when it gets close so they dont send it to the wrong address.
Not a whole lot else to report on that I can think of, We will see how transfers go this next week!
Ill be praying for you all!
Much Love,
Elder Ettinger

Monday, September 3, 2012

Ames - August 27, 2012

I feel like our emails as of late, well at least my emails have been super duper boring and really short, Sorry about that.
This last week was similar to the last few, but we were able to get into two new less active homes and visit with them, That was super fun.
One of them is this really old cowboy that does team roping in rodeos alot and so he is always busy practicing, but he really wants to start coming back to sacrament meeting so we may see him show up in the next few weeks. Being a cowboy he is way into guns and so next time that we go over there im going to ask for some opinions on a starting handgun and see if i can check out a few of his guns. Also, guess what Elder R and I just joined... CHOIR! haha Kim would be proud, It was really really fun to go to practice yesterday after church, all the member were really excited that we added two more men to the group. The music we are singing in two weeks is fun, really easy but it sounds really good already. There is a lady that is going to be playing a violin with the song as well :) She played in church a couple weeks back and it reminded me of mom and maren playing in church :) 
Super excited about tomorow, we get to go over to the Gila Valley and go to the Temple!!! really excited for that as well as the fact that my trainer Elder Sims moved back to Thatcher to go to the Commuinty college there, so he will be coming to our temple session as well and will chill with us at lunch afterwards :) Should be super fun :)
I finaly remembered to bring my camera, so here are some pictures from the past few weeks, Elder S (My DL) and I hiked to the top of this mountain to kill a few minutes before dinner, i say hiked but i really mean walked up a short road :). Also we got to mess around in a Tractor the other day haha. that was fun. And whenever there is some Lightning i have to get at least one picture, this one turned out really really well.
Not a whole lot else to report on for this week,
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger

Tractor fun
Awesome lightning photo

Kyle - August 27, 2012

Hey family,
So i am pleased to say that the past week was a little better than the previous.
We were finally able to teach a lesson to our investigator, she is so awesome!
She gets so involved with our lessons, she asks alot of good questions, takes notes, and assigns herself homework for the week! Its way cool! She had a baptism date in the past but we will be setting a new date this wednesday! i am super excited! my first time ever extending a baptismal date to someone! ahh!!
I am super jealous that mom went on that elephant arch hike...haha yea right! just kidding mom, ames and i are a little older now, and i think we'd enjoy the hike. It would be better on a dirtbike though. You know me.
I wish ames and i could've been on bikes while you guys ran in zion NP! I love that place so much! alot of people in my mission go to zion for memorial day and labor day and what not. I wish i could just go with them, and then come back to my mission.
We were planning on going camping this weekend with our ward. But we didnt have the miles to drive to the location. It was at a place called blue ridge campground in wrightwood. in the mountains, you can look it up if you'd like. According to the ward report yesterday, sounds like we really missed out. oh well.
Thats really sad that brother norton died this past week, i remember going over there with brittan all the time. Good memories.
Thanks for all of the love and support you guys give me! it means alot!
It kinda makes me happy that you helped pay for the mission out of our own accounts, now i feel like i've contributed something.
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

Ames - August 20. 2012

So i cant belive that we are allready half way through the transfer! its going by so fast!
This last week has again been pretty slow, the missionary work up here in the north is so diffrent than the rest of the mission. NO ONE IS HOME!
So we have been trying to find diffrent ways to go about doing the work, trying diffrent approches and diffrent types of finding. Its getting hard and frustraiting. Still loving life though, Ifs funny how even though missionary work is really hard sometimes and other times you just want to not wake up and yet im still rather happy. Crazy what happens when you are in the service of the lord.
This morning we went to play some Frisbee Golf, it was going to be super fun but the course we went to was totaly flooded out, super lame. So we played a couple holes that didnt have water all over them and then Elder B. threw a disc into the water! ha it was only about ten feet out so he waded into the trecherous deep to retreive it. haha it was some pretty stinky water :)
 So we wernt able to get onto the computers at the library that are an hour length, so we had to use the 30 min ones, so im gonna send this like this just incase i cant get back on,
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger

Kyle - August 20, 2012

Hey Family,
So This past week was probably the slowest in my whole mission, as far as the missionary work goes. We were only able to see one less active member the whole week, and our investigator was busy with doc. appointments. And wasnt able to meet with us.
But we do have an appointment set up with her on wednesday. So we are looking forward to that.
Sounds like the humidity in NC is a total bummer!! It rained alot this last week in Victorville. lots of roads were flooded out with mud all over the place. Made a good time In the little Toyota Corolla thats for sure.
I cant believe that ames and i only have 9 more months in the mission!! Super crazy!
We were talking with some other elders, and we all agree that we have been in the mission long enough. To think that the only place on earth right now. is the Cali. San Berdoo mission. Because we are pretty much surrounded by mountains. We feel like we are just stuck inside this place haha
Thanks maren for sharing the pictures with us ha. I showed Elder Werner. He laughed about it. Because he thinks its funny to see you and jake in the same picture ha
Thanks dad for sending the info on the PT stuff. She is a missionary, so i just showed her what you sent me. And she can either get permission to go on the internet site, or just wait for you to send some info to me. She appreciated it though. So thanks for sending that information.
Today for p-day we are going to be playing dodgeball at the church building. Should be pretty fun! We will may also be going to a glasses store for one of the other guys in our district to get some new glasses. Elder Troy Chambers. Remember him going to our school? its fun talking about the people back at home with him.
Thanks for everyones support and love!! It sure helps alot!
I keep all of you guys in my prayers, i am still getting use to
Including jake in my prayers. That may always seem different ha. no offense man!
Take care and have fun!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

Monday, August 20, 2012

Kyle August 13, 2012

Dear Family,

It seems like it is always the beginning of the month, then it is almost the middle of the month, and then out of  no where it is the end of the month! i dont understand!!
I dunno if the family knows, but ames and i have been sending a memory card back and forth through the mail. So we have been able to see eachothers appartments, and see some fun things that have been going on. its really fun to show other missionaries how my twin brother is.

This past week was pretty good! We went on splits with one of the members. And we felt prompted to stop in at a house that hadn't been visited for awhile. The Less active member was home, and we got to talk about his old job in Ephraim UT as a deputy sherriff i think. It was way cool to hear some of his stories. The member we took over there is really in to hotrod cars, and doing auto mechanics. The Member we visited is also very interested in cars. So they hit it off really well, and we talked to the EQ president to change him as his home teacher. ha our bishop said "Sometimes we are very inspired on who people home teach, and sometimes, like right now, we make changes because they just make sense" it was kinda funny.

Our investigator came to church again!! and made alot of good comments in the Gospel Principles class! We are planning on teaching her about the plan of salvation this next wednesday. Its pretty awesome.

Thanks for giving us a good update on how the roadtrip went! Sounds like something i really didnt miss out on in the small car ha. But i am sorry that we missed it. We will be able to go on more trips when we get home, no worries.

So i just need to let jake know really quick, that maren showed us her amazing wedding dress!! And i just wanted to rub it in your face!! and make you get all anxious and upset that you have to wait till december! ha Sucka!!!!

I know that we only have nine months left. Thanks for the good words of encouragment! Family support is so helpful! and i wouldnt be able to serve to my fullest without you guys!!

Today for P-day we are planning on playing some indoor kickball!! Pretty awesome!
I will probably relax a bit, and also play some piano as well.

hope everyone is having a great day full of laughs and good times!! Thanks for all of the love and support! You guys are the best!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger