Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kyle 7/2/12

Hey everyone,
Man the past few days really flew by since i emailed on wednesday.
The past couple days we were able to meet with some really cool members!
One of them we got in with, and found out that he is a way big time drummer! i was way stoked about that!
We talked drums for almost an hour, and also talked about his DJ business, and how he is also into graphic arts!
Alot of things that i am into! it was great!
We later went to a members house that has been having some tough times in his life, we gave him some encouragment, and also played some games of foozeball! i had alot of practice in applevalley with elder thorpe, so we totally kicked butt! it was so much fun! we are gonna try and go over a little more often to help strenghthin our friendship with him.
My companion and i are getting along great, we always have some good laughs just about everyday! missionary work is so very fun!! there is nothing else id rather be doing during these two years!! i am doing all i can to try and get the most out of it.
So i remember back at home how the utah DMV was such a lame place, always waiting in long lines...well. You guys havent seen the California DMV!!! we showed up 15 minutes before it opened, and the line was at the door, wrapped around the building! we Stood in line for almost two hours, to only find out that my companion needed his birth cert. in order to get a new license! time wasted!!! but it was alright because we got to witness a girl getting injured in the dmv, and they called 911. So that was pretty intense.
Thanks for everyones love and support!! sorry its a bit short today.
Hope all is going well at the house! keep the grass looking nice! ha
Love, Elder kyle Ettinger.

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