Sunday, May 22, 2011

1st Letters

Dear Mom and Dad,
The Mission President wanted us to write a brief letter to home and let you know we're doing good, we're well fed and we have a warm small itchy bed to sleep in.  They told us to keep this short due to the fact of only writing on p-day which is on Monday.  But this is the one exception I guess.  I love you lots!
It's good and fun.  My MTC companion's name is Elder Millward and he's from Utah.  He likes to do downhill biking and stuff like that.  Anyways, better get ready for bed and pray.  Love you guys!
                                                                                        Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

P.S. I'll be writing on Monday :)  the usual writing day and mail day.

Mom and Dad,
Thanks for your first letters.  I was the only one in my district to get a letter on the first day.  And I got two!  Anyway, the MTC is lots of fun, but super challenging.  I have two companions:  Elder Wylie, he is from Canada and has been on a mission for two months in Vancouver waiting for his visa.  Also, his mother passed away two weeks ago yesterday, but he doesn't let it slow him down.  Elder Mortimer is from Wisconsin and is in the Air Force.  So we talk about planes :) We have taught "mock" investigators and it gets easier every time.  The food here ... not so good.  I mean it's edible, but it's not Mom's cooking.  Anyway. My p-day is Wednesday so I will start emailing then.  I'm doing great and so is Kyle.  I have seen him at least twice a day every day if not more:) So don't worry about us.
                                                                                          Lots of love, Elder Ettinger

P.S. I would like some pictures to hang up and to show people so I would like one family photo, that picture of Kyle and I walking away (if it looks good), and one long hair picture.... got to show the comps. THANKS!

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