Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Email from Ames

     So im having alot of fun here. its been a blast. and im still learning lots. Although we only have thirty minutes to email so whatever i dont get finished here i will write home in a letter. 

Im glad your hike was fun. i got the post card in the mail yesterday and it was suuuper cool. i wish that i had my DSLR camera here but its all good. My new camerqa is treating me well. Speaking of cameras though, i Dropped my spare SD card in marens car on the way up. if i could get that from you maren that would be cool. or if i could just get my 4gb card from inside my DSLR that would be fine too. just so i can start sending home all my photos and what not. You guys can figure out which will be easier to do via text. cuz im not about to try and do it with letters :).
     I have gotten a couple letters from lindsley and she said that dad helped her dad give her a blessing. thats super cool. I actualy was able to give my first blessing yesterday. Elder Mortimer was worried about home and so he wanted a quick comfort blessing and he asked if i could give it to him. It was sooooo cool. like way fun experience. i didnt even think what to say once. all the words just came. so sweet. Also a kid im my district went to the heath center yesterday and he has a hernia so as a distric we all gave him a blessing that his up coming surgury could go well. AND my other companion Elder Wylie felt he had some phisical problems slowing him down here so i was able to anoint him and Elder Mortimer gave him the blessing. so i got to give and participate in three blessings yesterday. such a spiritual high!!
     Four Square is great!!!! i played for my first time yesterday because i have been playing alot of basketball and what not but it is for sure the funnest sport. everyone is so competitive and its just super fun because i feel like im pretty good. Got some fast Reflexes. During gym yesterday though this kid approched me, Elder Griffeths, and was all like " Do you have a club foot?" and i was like "Yes?" and he was like "ME TOO!" and i was like "WHAT?" haha. so we chatted a bit. he has had five surguries and he said most of which were done at primary childrens. he didnt go see peter stevens though. some other guy whos name i sorta recongnized, im sure dad will know who it is.
    Im going to try and adress all of moms questions but like i said i dont have a whole lot of time.
Church is awesome. the total block is only two hours :) and there is a devotional in the evening
There are also tuesday evening devotionals, last night we were spoken too by Russel M Neslon.... Yea super dope.
There are 9 Elders in my district, we have no sisters. I am in the only threesome.
Both kyle and i's PDay is on wendsday, so you will be getting an email from him sometime today. he is loving it here as much as i am.
We get to go to the temple every Pday which for me is today and next week.
Im leaving here on the 6th to go to Tucson, i dont have my travel itinerary yet but we know thats when we are leaving, so i only have a week and a half left of the MTC, i couldn't be more excited!!!
Classes and our scheduals are diffrent everyday. although they are the same from week to week.
As far as my back pack goes... I want it!! its pretty annoying carring everything because there are quite a few things... and i cant pack my hot sauce around to meals because when we leave in the morning we dont come back till the evening. thats how busy it is here. every minute is planned out.
     So we went to our first TRC (Teaching Resource Center) appointment yesterday. basicly it could be a member or a non member playing as an investigator. so we just knocked the door and did our shpeal. and we committed the lady to pray about our message and if the gospel was the right thing for her to do. we have a follow up appointment tomorrow :) So stoked.
Well im out of time to write. i will talk to you all soon
I love you all, Im doing great. I hope the house isnt too quite for you mom and dad :)
Love Elder Ettinger
PS hows the dog? Does he even realize Kyle and I are gone?
PPS. send some cookies soon. My Comps know you mom as the typical Utah Mormon mom who cooks good :)
PPPS sorry about the spelling. I dont have time to worry about it =/

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