Monday, May 23, 2011

Ames' first letter to Maren

Dearest Maren,
The MTC is the dopest!! Ha The days are long, the work is hard, the food is not so much, and there is no free time...And I am So happy to be here!! No joke it's hard and what not, but it is so spiritual and just sooooo fun. My companions, yes I have two of them. A Tri-panionship. EPIC! Both Elder Wylie and Elder Mortimer are so fun to be with and both make me grow and both have different things to bring to the table I guess...I'm learning a lot. ANd am so excited to get out to Tucson. It's gonna be nuts dude! Anyway...I had a bowl of ice cream it's nothing special. Im trying not to get fat while I am in here as there are a lot of chubby wubbies. Haha. That's rude. But true. Anyway, I'm growing a lot both spiritually and emotionally. I get to see Kyle at least twice a day. His class is just down the hall and he comes to meals 30 min after me, lots of fun! Love you lots! Thanks for the support!
Love, Elder Ettinger

*I will probably not post all my letters but the chubby wubbies comment made me laugh way to much to not be shared. -Maren :)

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