Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Email from Kyle

My family,
The MTC is so awesome and full of the spirit like all the time, even when i eat! Last wednesday was a boring ice cream day, there was one day,not sure which day it was. where there was an ice cream bar. anyways, my companion is super awesome, his name is elder Millward and we have loads in common, so it rocks big time. my roomates are elder wallace, elder garfield, and millward and myself. Our district is like the bomb, we're for sure the coolest in the MTC. sadly one elder in our district left early. But, we're still pressing on! Today we got to go to the temple! We did initiatories! way fun and awesome!! The MTC is so much fun! i'm constantly smiling and having a good time!! My companion and myself might get a chance to be on the next "district" videos that the church puts out. Remember watching them at home? Anyways, i wish i could look up our blog and see how its going. Kimberli's family says they check it out pretty often. I love you all! And i enjoy being able to talk!! 

To answer Mom's questions... The days are mostly the same like a school shedule. but is slightly changed each time. like when gym is and study time stuff like that...The bed's suck because they're old nasty fleece blankets MEGA itchy!! Yes i got my shoes successfully! Thank you!! and they fit great!! um... sundays are just like...soak in the message days. Not any teaching time. we have church and a fireside.. elder russell M nielson spoke tuesday at the fireside. my Sweatshirt fits well! thank you! Love you lots mom! thank for the questions! love ya!!

Love, elder Kyle Ettinger

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