Monday, November 5, 2012

Ames - October 29, 2012

I cant believe that Halloween is already here! Just like kyle said, i can remember chilling in Picture Rocks last year at this time. And 18 Months in a few weeks! what!? It kinda just hit me the other day that we really dont have a whole lot of time left out here. Bitter sweet.
This week has been a pretty neutral one for us, we were able to see a bunch of diffrent people this week but it seemed like nothing happend. Even though it feels like something should have.
We have our trunk o treat on tuesday, we have really really pushed it as a ward to invite non member friends to it. We are planning on 350-400 people in attendance :) we already have a ton of members telling us about their friends who have confirmed that they will be there. so we are really excited about it. Also halloween itself should be fun, we have dinner with a really cool member and we are gonna stay there for most of the night because we arent allowed to be out and about. Should be a fun party.
Really excited to vote here in the next couple weeks, my voting location is in a catholic church next door to our church ha, should be fun to see the looks on the pollers faces when the mormon missonaries show up to vote.
We heard about that huge storm hitting the coast, its good to hear that maren wont be affected by it.
Mom, next time you get ready to send a package you should try to send a loaf of bread :) some nice homemade bread sounds super good right now :)
 also, i can only think of one member that ran the St.George marathon this year but i dont know her first name, her last name is roberts, maybe you could look up the last name with where they are from.. i dont know.
 Got a Package from the Larsens this last week, bunch of tasty goodies haha. i have something to snack on this last week of the month because im too poor to buy food haha.
Hope all else is going well at home!
cant wait for Maren and Jake to get hitched!
when will you be sending out wedding announcments? i better be getting one!
much love family!
Elder Ettinger

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