Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week of Festivities - Ames - November 5, 2012

well this week has been a super fun one, lots of festivities and events, let me start at the begining of  the week:
Normal Pday, found a cool shirt at Khols that was super sweet and on sale for 8 bucks, cant beat that!
Tuesday: We had our ward Trunk-or-Treat, WAY fun, we dressed up as missionaries (Obviously) but people loved it haha. we had about 400 people attend :) Lots of members invited their friends.
Elder Foster and I decorated our trunk up as a monster, complete with smoke coming out of the nose! for a last minute progect and for just using cardboard and spray paint i feel like it turned out pretty well :)
Wednesday: Halloween! The day time was pretty uneventful, we got to see a few people. We had dinner with a really cool family in the ward and we stayed there for a while and played chinese checkers with the real chinese rules! (The member served his mission in hong kong) and then we played a really fun church history game that we play alot when we go over there for dinners.
Lots and lots of fun.
Friday: We had a Mission Leadership meeting, It was a tad bit too long, it started at 8:30 and we got home at 5:30. luckly they at least fed us lunch in the middle, and more than anything it was really fun to see some old buddies that i havent see for a long while. and the meeting was pretty good, but like i said, a little long.
Saturday: We had our Stake Barbeque on saturday night that was supposed to be a really big deal to invite your friends to but there wasnt a whole lot of inviting which was a little frustrating but we did have one cool story from it. One of the Young Women in the ward invited her friend to the trunk or treat and also to the BBQ. While we were chilling at the park we saw her and her friend from across the way and so i texted her and told her that she should invite her friend to meet with the missionaries, her reply was "Im one step ahead of you!" We texted a bit more and she said that he had to go and talk with someone so we told her that we could do it a diffrent night and we left, well, about a mile down the road she texts us again and said that tonight would be perfect, so we quickly turned around and we got back to the park and were able to teach him a mini lesson right there at the park and he commited to read and pray! super amazing! i love being a Missonary!
Its crazy that Seth gets home this week! What!?!?!?! it seems like he just left!
Dad i dont know what you mean about being trunky haha...
Thanks for all your love and support!
Much love,
Elder Ettinger

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