Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ames - November 13, 2012

Good afternoon family!
its always good to hear from you all, obviously we are emailing on tuesday this week due to the holiday yesterday. I really dont like holidays on mondays, they are never fun.
But im glad that we are still able to email the next day.
We had our Stake Confrence this last week. In fact all 95 stakes in Arizona had confrence this week. It was a broadcast from Salt lake. We got to hear from President Eyring, Elder Holland, A sister in the primary presidency and also one of the Bishops from the presiding bishopric. It was a really really good confrence. I heard later from a member that Luke  (A Convert i taught in the Gila Valley) spoke at the adult session down there. He spoke on preparing for a mission. Super legit! When i found out the news i was so excited. Basicly makes the mission worth it. :)
This week was an ok week. Not a whole lot of immediate gratification but it helped us get ready for a super good week this week. We have one member of our ward setting up an appointment for us with a guy that has been working on their house. And we just got another referal form a girl down in central Tucson that has a friend that would like to meet with the missionaries up here. So we will be meeting with her this week as well. AND, we are planning on both of our investigators at church this next week, gonna be a really cool week :)
We only have three more weeks in the transfer, and then i will probibly be moving on to a new area, Bitter sweet really. I love this area so much and i have been able to see it grow a TON while i have been here. But its been a long road and im ready to see what else lays in store for the last 6 months of the mission. Its really crazy that we are already to this point. Kyle and i will be 18 months out on sunday... Crazy. haha, in kyles email to me this last week we talked about how we didnt think we were trunky at all and its actualy dad that is the trunky one haha. all in good time.
Thanks so much for all that you guys do for us!
Much love,
Elder Ettinger

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