Monday, November 5, 2012

Kyle - October 29, 2012

Hello Family,
The weeks seriously feel like days! I cant believe that next month is gonna be our 18 month mark. Thanksgiving is already coming up, halloween in a couple days! I feel like i was just barely in applevalley doing all of this stuff last year! Nuts!
So dad mentioned that we only had six more months and to give it our all, well news flash, i am actually less active.... i havent gone to church for like 3 weeks now, and i am really just joking about this, and figured i'd give you a scare..
For halloween we have our ward activity which will have a chili cookoff, costume contest, and dessert contest! Its funny that mom mentioned dixie salad this email, because i've been wanting to make that SO bad!! are pomogranets in season right now? A couple members tell me "Get me the recipe and i will try and make it as good as your mom"
So mom if you could email me the recipe for the dixie salad that would be awesome! Thanks!
Elder Koyle and i were thinking about doing a "Cop-out" chili and buying a big pot from wendys fastfood and entering the contest! ha fun stuf, we arent allowed to dress up in costumes for halloween, so we were thinkin about using some temporary hair coloring stuff, and koyle would be a redhead, and i'd change my haircolor to brown, and we'd just be each other for halloween. you know, switch nametags. But we may not even end up doing that.
Sounds like everyone is doing well at home. Dont worry the next 2 months are gonna really haul the mail!! WEll, at least for ames and i ha!
One of the times Kim Nelson came to visit he brought austin, it was really fun to talk to him, And i mentioned that all of the fears of being a missionary leave once you start working in the field. He would be a really awesome missionary.
Thanks for everyones love and support!!
If anyone wants anything for christmas, let me know.
p.s..Maren, yours and jakes gifts are combined with your wedding gifts, i am not made of money, so i cant really do both. Hope you understand.
Ames, i'll maybe just send you a card...if that...haha! just kidding my brotha, but seriously, we dont even really need to get eachother stuff, as missionaries it is really easy to accuire lots of Junk.
Thanks again for the love!
talk to yall next week
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

P-day shopping?

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