Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ames - 2/11/13

I cant believe that the month of febuary is already a third of the way
over! Why is it that time just goes super fast? i remember as a kid it
seemed like sitting 15 minutes in the corner lasted eons! Ha, the
reason i bring up the corner is because we were at dinner this week
and a little kid got in trouble and she had to stick her nose in the
corner. Reminded me alot when kyle and i had to go to separate
corners. Good times :)
We had stake Confrence this week, the theme of the confrence seemed to
be missionary work and the temple. Pretty cool. One of our mission
presidency councilors and his wife spoke, they are the parents of my
first ward mission  leaders wife. They are the ones that replaced Dave
Lunt. Also, a member of the temple presidency spoke, he was also
my first ward mission leader in the other ward i served in. haha. It
was fun to see him again, they left for a mission in the palmyra
temple while i was there and they got called home early to serve in
the temple presidency here in the GIla valley Temple. Its neat knowing
so many people in these small town areas, you make alot of cool
The work here is going great. Our investigators are still doing
awesome. The wife was able to get a ride down to duncan yesterday for
the general stake confrence session. Afterwards she told the members
that she came with that she loved it. Its so neat how receptive this
family it. Iv never seena anything like it :)
Glad to hear that Brittan is doing well. We emailed back and forth a
bit here and there over the mission. Good kid. I didnt realize that
Seth was going into the military. He always told me growing up that he
wouldnt be going into the military. Thats cool though that he is going
to be able to use his Korean. haha, speaking of Korean, the elder
sitting to my right is from south Korean, Elder Kim. He is super cool.
Another cool piece of news, the last stake president here live in my
ward, he just got called to be a mission president! we were so excited
for them. They feed us all the time and treat us like family. What was
funny though was that Elder Phillips and I were talking a couple weeks
ago how he would make a super good mission president and how she would
be the best mission mom. Hmmm, Prophecy? I think yes! They will be
serving a Prochegees (however the heck you spell that) mission. They
will find out where in the beginning of march. Did you guys know that
they are opening fourty something missions this summer! They have
called more mission presidents this cycle than ever on the earth!!!
The lord is truly hastning his work. Its neat to be a part of it.
i hope all else is going well back home.
Love ya lots!
Elder Ettinger

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