Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kyle - 2/4/13

Dear family,

Hey everyone, sounds like everyone in the family has been doing some exciting things!
Thats awesome mom that you are working hard to get ready for your first ironman!! i am just so stoked that ames and i will be able to support you and dad this year! i have truly missed those family events! Maren and jake, thats super dope that you bought a newish car! i have seen quite a few of the elantras cruzing around where i live. pretty awesome car!
i was doing some math the other day. if i didnt serve a mission, and kept working full time. i could've bought a 2011 camero haha. There is a guy in our ward that showed us his, i may or may not have been priviliged to drive it around the block a couple times. But anyways, i am so glad that ames and i are serving the lord! its so much fun!!

This last wednesday we had exchanges with our district leader. I finally left my area for the day! I havent been on exchanges for like 5 months now! so that was good. The people we ate dinner at had some super awesome sand rails in there garage! they were like 80 or 90 thousand dollars each! but they were so so sick!! i love talking to people about offroad.

while on exchanges, elder jackson found a few potentials for us to visit. We went back a few days later and gave a few families the finding faith in Christ videos. one of them watched it and wished that the video was longer! (its only 20 min or so) but we gave him a copy of the book of mormon and he said he was really wanting to read it. We have him one chapter to start in, but his response was "to be honest, i will probably just read the whole thing" we were super amped about this!

One thing i am starting to really really hate is how quickly people tell me that i am going home soon. I still have over 3 months, its not coming to a close quite yet! so i am gonna keep telling people "oh i've been out over a year" 

Thanks for everyones love and support! it is so awesome!
i love this work and this gospel so much!! keep sharing
it with others in Utah and North Carolina!
love you all,
elder Kyle Ettinger

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