Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kyle - 2/11/13

Dear family,

Man seems like every week there is something crazy going on! 
Lots of events going on back in utah huh?
Thanks for all the emails and the stories shared this week! its always fun to hear whats
been going on.

Mom, i laughed super hard at your tumbleweed story! Haha i could picture you telling us that
in person, and it made me laugh alot! thanks for sharing!
Thats so crazy that seth is getting on his way into his next life adventures! Like ames said, i thought he said he didnt wanna be like his brother and dad going into the military. But whatever floats his boat right? I will miss working with him at the ol STG golf course!

This past week for me was pretty bogus, i was sick up until saturday. Really bad cold and a really bad sore throat! Pretty lame if you ask me! So we really didnt get to work to much, because the cold finally kicked in here in Hesperia. It rained a few days ago, and a couple of days ago it snowed! it was the second snow i witnessed in my mission so that was really awesome!
Saturday morning elder jackson and i went to the applevalley jess ranch fishing ponds to catch us some trout! Man casting that rod just took me back to kolob fishing with ames and dad in the ol' aluminum boat (that has probably flattened out from the snow up there right?).

Its so crazy to see the changes that have taken place in missionary work since the time that i first came into the field, till now. We will be capping out our 250 missionaries in the mission by mid-summer! 70 of those will be sister missionaries! Holy crap! i am super nervous that the mission is going to become a huge dramafest from the younger sisters and elders. We will see how it plays out though.

The weather is cold, winter is here, and i cant wait for it to end! i've become to adapted to Cali weather that 55 or 60 degrees is cold for me. pretty ridiculous.
I'm glad that you guys got to go to Brittans mission homecoming talk. Its nuts that all of our buddies are starting to come home now! i think ames and i are next in line!

Dad, thanks for getting us the info for sister Davis' sisters place. We will call her up today and see if we can stop by. i know where rocksprings road is, and it isnt going to be in our area. But the elders that are serving in that ward are bosses. So hopefully they can do some good work there after my companion go over and say hi.

Maren, Not going to lie, i am kind of getting bored of the ward here, seeing that i hit 9 months in this ward a couple days ago. Elder jackson and i talked, and we would love to serve together for my last 2 transfers. And a few months ago i requested to our mission president to keep me here for the remainder of my mission. We will see what happens. i'd love to just finish out here. But a new ward would be pretty nice at the same time. Lots of ward members just make fun of me all the time and tease me. Which is starting to get annoying. because they get all offended if i tease them back.

Thanks again for the emails and the support! it means so much!
Transfers are going to be a week from tuesday (19th of Feb) so keep that in mind
as far as sending mail and what not.

love you all!
love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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