Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ames - 2/4/13

     Another great week here in the Clifton ward. Lots of things are starting to happen. One of our Investigators showed up to church on sunday. Her husband wasnt able to make it because he had to work, but we are super excited that she wanteed to come by herself with her kids! They are an awesome family, we have a lesson with them tonight so ill let you know how that goes next week!
     I am super excited to be able to do some diving when we get back, i personaly dont think a refresher would be needed, diving is like riding a bike, when you learn you never forget how to do it. Thats my opinion at least :) Im glad that we now have reasons to go to the east side of the country and explore the atlantic :) Its going to be fun.
    Transfers are in two weeks, why do they seem to go faster and faster each time? Its nuts! I, like kyle, hate it when people ask how long i have been a missionary. When i say 20 months people always say, "Your on the downhill slope." Its sad. Iv loved (And still love) being a missionary. There have been times where I have looked back over my mission and wished i had worked harder or smarter at times, but looking back now i feel like i have done a pretty good job, Its been extreamly rewarding.
     There is a family that will be traveling up to St.George at the begining of April, around easter sometime. They said they would be happy about taking some things home for me. Im going to send as much stuff as i can so i can travel light leaving tucson :)
     Maren and Jakes car looks pretty spiffy. I was surprised to hear that the Subaru started pooping out. I thought it would have lasted a long time.  Maren, what is it that you are doing in this lab? what sort of breakthrough did you make? Sounds like lots of fun :)
     I hope all is going well for everyone! i cant believe we are almost going to see each other again!
Much love,
Elder Ettinger

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