Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ames 2/6/12

Sounds like you all are having a great time back at home. Marens trip sounded super awesome! and Dad im not quite sure how you can ride a bike for 97 miles! thats nuts!
This week for us was a pretty lame one. Every single lesson this week fell through... Every one! What rotten luck. So not a whole lot to report on this week.
We did get to go to the temple. Love that place so much! I Learn more and more every time i go. Its so much fun. Also while i was there I got to stop by some of the members i got really close with while i was in the Gila. I stopped by Brother Palmers Seminary Office and he said he had gotten lots of pictures from his brother in San Bernardino, and guess who was all over them! thats right, our own Elder Kyle Ettinger. I thought that was pretty cool. It was fun to see the old friends from there but i dont think that i would want to serve there again, the missionary work is lacking super bad right now.
Transfers are coming up this next week! its crazy that time just flies by. I have been with Elder Staley for 3 months! and it feels like we just got together. Im not sure how transfers are going to go. Either Elder Staley or myself could go. So we will see next week and you will find out tuesday!
I filled up my fist mempry card this week. So ill be sending that home soon to be emptyed. Also, the memory card you sent me in the MTC has pictures from home on it, so im going to send it home as well and you can upload those on their own and then send it back too. or just keep it cuz i have another one as well. I will also send home my old camera that doesnt have a lens in it. and ill get a new part for it when i get home.
Cool Story for this week:
On Wednesday we were out on splits with our ward mission leader, and we went to visit a less active family. We were lucky to catch the mom and daughter in the driveway on their way to cheer practice. Well we talked for just a few minutes and the mom was obviously trying to get rid of us so she could leave and you could tell she had no interest in the church. We asked her if there was a time that we could come sit down with them and get to know them and she pulled the "Whats your number we will call you" card.. not too promissing. So i gave her a Card with our number and the Ward Mission Leaders on it and we left. About 20 minutes later, I get a phone call from a number i dont have in the phone, Its the mom. and she proceeds to tell us how after getting in the car the daugher asked the mom if she would take her to check out that mormon church again. so the mom was calling to get the time that we met for sacrament meeting. Pretty awesome. We didnt see them yesterday at church but we are going to continue working with them. Super Awesome.
Love the work!
Love you all!
God Speed!
Elder Ettinger

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