Sunday, February 19, 2012

Elder Ettinger: MIA

haha, so im sure you all are wondering what the heck happend to Elder Ames Ettinger!
Well, I got transferred... Not a huge fan of leaving Picture Rocks and the Marana area, but the new place will be good as well.
Im now serving in the Sierra Vista 5th ward, from what i have heard and been told, it is the best ward in the entire mission for missionary work, what a blessing to be working here.
My new companion? None other than Elder Todd Ranger from St.George Utah! haha. If the name doesnt ring a bell to you (Im not sure why it should) but we went to high school with each other until the boundary change. ha it was pretty funny when i got the transfer call and found out that i was going to be serving with him. Its really fun at dinner appointments when i say that im from St. George and the members are like "Elder Ranger thats where you are from, did you guys know each other?" pretty funny stuff. Gotta love the small world connections.
The only down side of the new area is that it is a full bike area... My first night on the bike it snowed and hailed on us.. not like a ton but it was still really upsetting that i wasnt in my warm car... I have gotten my butt kicked the last few days. man am i out of shape! I feel like such a loser. Super excited to be here though.
 Not a whole lot else going on right now, im not sure who anyone is or what we are really doing in the area yet, i should have some more to up date on this next week.
Talk to you all soon!
Love you!
Elder Ettinger
Ps 20 years old next month.. Crazy. no more teenagers in this family!

A little dental work

Stamp collecting anyone?

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