Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kyle 1/30/12

Hey Family,
This email is going to be pretty short, because we did a bunch of service this morning. We went in to Glen helen Park, where we met that pioneer lady from the very first day of my mission in california. And i was able to get my hands on a shovel and rake again! i felt so at home! ha i still have some really mad skills on using a leaf rake to get grass and weeds out of the dirt. I call it "Tossin the salad" I'm sure this may not make sense to anyone, but i could show you when i get home, and it'll make more sense.
This past week my companion and i decided to try and make tracting more fun, by having the other person choose a word that we HAVE to use in our door approaches. For example. I gave my companion the words, Chocolate chip cookie, grass, milk, and surgery. It really changes things up and makes it alot of fun! it also helps you relate the gospel to everyday things!
During our service project i got an interesting call... it said "Private Number" so i answered and said hello. It ended up being the 911 disbatch!! My pocket accidently dialed 911 and the lady called me back to make sure i wasn't really in an emergency. I felt really bad ha! i remember when we were little kids, in the hotel that we got stuck in the elevator in. When ames and i called 911 on a pay phone. And aunt robin ended up getting mad at ames and i ha! Good times! gotta love the memories!
I'm looking forward to the next week to come! Time sure keeps flying on by! i cant believe its almost Febuary already!!
We have a temple trip on Feb 8th that will be really fun! i'm gonna try and get permission to do Baptisms for the dead. Since i havn't done those for ever!!
Hope everyone is doing well!! i'm gonna try and lose some weight!
Because i'm over___ pounds now! and not happy about it at all! 

Enjoy your week! be safe in your travels!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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