Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Valentine's - Kyle 2/13/12

hello Family,
Happy Valentines!
Thanks mom for sending the package of goodies! everything in it was very delicious!
My companion and roommates were complimenting the heart cookies. So thanks for that! Getting packages as a missionary is the best thing ever!
This past week we got shafted! and weren't able to teach any lessons! it seemed like we were always busy! but didn't really get anything accomplished. I have a couple fun pictures to show everyone of our p-day last Monday.
Sounds like everyone is doing well back at home! i pray for the family everyday!! I got thinkin, its crazy that ames and i will be 20 years old in just a little bit!! time sure flies! Remember when we would always be out in the ditch digging tunnels with brittan sevy? Man good times!!
So i have found another connection in my ward to the ward back at home. So you know the zockels in our ward at home? tony and debbie??... They are cousins to a ward member here in rialto 1st!! yet another connection! this is becoming like a weekly thing ha!
Not a whole lot is going on, both my comp and i are staying together in the same ward for next transfer. Which was sort of a givin since its a two transfer training program. i hope everyone is having a good time! and being safe!
Thanks for all that you do! sorry this is shortish and random. i hope to get this ward picking up next transfer. So we shall see what goes down.
Have fun! Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

P-day fun

Back row:  Elders Shultz, Bindrup, Bevan and Ettinger
Front row: Elders Twede and Roucshe

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