Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ames - 4/2/12

I cant believe that it is April already. What happened to march? not to even mention january or febuary. Crazy.
At the same time though it seems like time is slowing down the closer that we get to that year mark. Will we ever make it? Time will tell.
Its been quite a change not having Elder Ranger around. I dont like taking over areas let alone after only six weeks in the area. Its hard to be the one making all the decisions and planning the days out. O well, it makes you learn the area really well and really fast. 
Congrats to dad on his race. Im glad that you persevered and finished the race. I think you would have given yourself a hard time as well on that one :D
I really liked conference. Always really good. I really liked Elder Hollands talk with the call to step up. That was really good. There are alot of things that we can all be doing better than we are. I also liked in preisthood session when someone talked about being the worthy priesthood holder in your home. I thought of dads example our whole lives of being ready to serve when called upon to give blessings and other things. Kim and clyde also came to mind. All awesome examples.
Elder Woodland is really cool. I'm back to laughing all the time! . . .  Elder Woodland and i are going to have a sweet transfer. 
This last week was a pretty slow one as far as the work goes. Taking over the area and also having conference didnt help our work out too much. But we have some sweet referals for some non-members as well as a couple less actives so we have some direction to go this week. Pretty psyched for it. 
Not a whole lot else going on. Hopefully ill have some cooler stuff to report on next week :D
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger

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