Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I am leaving Rialto 1st B! - Kyle 3/26/12

Hello everyone,
Man i cant believe we have transfers already! We got the calls on saturday obviously, and elder bevan and i are both being transfered, and our ward mates are also both being transfered! So our ward itself will get 4 new missionaries tomorrow!!  i also heard from our zone leaders that i am to leave all of my packed stuff in my appartment. So i am pretty sure that i am going to be staying in rialto zone, but maybe serving in a different ward. i sure hope i just dont switch sides and go to the "A" area of the same ward! i would be quite upset for packing all my stuff and moving like 3 blocks down the road ha! but hopefully president is inspired enough to send me where i am needed to go.
Our ward had a baptism last saturday! i was able to teach her about 3 times over the course of the 3 months that i have been here. Even though she wasnt really my investigator since she was in the other elders half of the ward. But i was also able to stand in when she was given the holy ghost on sunday!!
Then a few hours later, elder bowler and i were able to be companions for the rest of the day, and go up to applevalley to our last area, and go to a baptism that they were having. it was way fun to go back up to the desert.
Last friday, we were very thrilled to be able to build and complete playset number 2! for a family in the ward. they fed us breakfast, and we got right to work! with a lunch break in between, about 5 or 6 hours later we had finished! its really fun building those things! i am for sure getting a play set when i am married and have kids!
I am pretty excited to be getting a new companion, a new area, and hopefully more missionary work than what i have had in the past!!
Sounds like everyone is doing well! Good luck mom on your shac race!
Dad, i was bragging about you the other day when a  member said he was maybe doing a marathon, i told him that you completed the iron man and a bunch of other marathons, including the one in japan ha!
I hope everyone has a great week! be safe and have a good time! i am looking forward to this next transfer!! Time is just going to fast!!
Love you all
Elder Kyle Ettinger

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