Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kyle - 4/2/12

hey Everyone,
april fools no email today...
ha just kidding, so this past week has gone by really really quick!
We Moved into our new appartment on tuesday. Elder bevan and i are the only ones living in the cactus appartment. its nice to be back down to no roommates, it helps me focus on being motivated to work hard through the whole day, and not have time here and there to just chill with other elders.
our appartment is a really open spacious area! after alot of cleanup i am very happy with the change.
also, we had a really cool miracle on wednesday! the second day we were there.
A lady in our ward, who is very less active. she came up to US and asked if she could set up an appointment for friday evening. We were very shocked because she hasn't ever been very nice to other members of the ward. That friday we went to her house and she seemed pretty excited to see us, she had been having a really rough week because it was just over a year that her husband passed away, ironicly on the 16th of march. Anyways, she proceeded to tell us that she hasn't met with the missionaries in over 3 years! and that she absolutly hated them! so that right there testifies to me, of why elder bevan and i were just switched over to the north "A" side of the same ward. We talked some more with her, and she opened up to us alot! we encouraged her to pray, and we are going to teach her how to pray tuesday at our next appointment. We are very excited to be working with her! Total miracle!
We are focusing on visiting all of the members on our side of the ward that we dont know, and to see some of the active members to try and get refferals from them. i am very excited for the new area and what not! so i hope to have more miracles to come!
General conference went by super quick this time!! We weren't able to set up times to watch it at members homes, so we just went to the church building that we meet at to watch it. sounds like everyone liked the talk on "Stop it" from ukdorf, totally spelled that wrong. I enjoyed the talk on how we should really remember to excercise our priesthood. it is something that i have learned alot about on my mission, and i always try and help the wards become more motivated to do hometeaching, and volunteer for different assignments.
Dad, good job on finishing the race! Sounds like it was a big mess! I am proud of you for continuing on at the times you wanted to quit, because yes ames and i would've never let that one go! ha just kidding. You are one crazy man dad! i lookup to you alot! even if you dont think i do.
I love you all, and hope all is well back home! Time keeps going really fast in the mission! Buckle down! because ames and i are gettin close to hittin one year in the mission!!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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