Sunday, April 1, 2012

No More Teenagers! Ames 3/19/12

Its pretty crazy that kyle and i are no longer teenagers, I still remember the day we turned 13. We got Incredibles for our birthday and had a party with the mickelsons and ferwerdas and brittan was there as well. Good Times.
This year on 3/16 we had a zone training, what an awesome way to spend a birthday... The training was really good and our zone needed to hear alot of what president killpack and the other speakers had to say, but sitting and listening for four hours isnt what i call a fun birthday.
We had two other birthdays this week in our zone. Pretty much unheard of having that many Birthdays in the same week in the same zone. So we all got together and had a lunch BBQ one of the days. We all chipped in diffrent parts of the food. I provided the cake :D which turned out really well :D
We had a pretty slow week this week with the missionary work, When i first got here we had like 9ish investigators, and we have had to weed it down quite a bit and focus on those who are really ready to accept the gospel, so we are down to like 2 now. Our finding efforts are lacking at this point, thats what most of our training was on this week. Finding is obviously one of the most important aspects of missionary work, but at the same time it is easily the hardest part. Working with members is the easiest way to find news, but its hard to build the members faith to ask their friends to meet with us. We are going to need to put an extra focus on finding this next transfer. (Next time i email we will be into the next transfer. NUTS!)
This last week we were only able to teach one good solid lesson, The Law of Chastity... This is by far my favorite lesson to teach. You have to be very bold and forward with how you present it and so it makes teaching super duper easy. We taught it to our 19 year old gator, She accepted it super well and agreed with us on its importance. Super cool. This week we are teaching her the Word of Wisdom. Should be fun :D
Thanks to everyone that sent packages and letters and what not. Loved them all. Im going to have to say my favorite one though is my Sonicare Toothbrush. Pretty much the coolest thing ever. It vibrates so fast that you can barely feel it moving, and it feels like you just got out of the dentist every time you brush! I just picked up some extra whitening toothpaste today too. Stoked about that. (if you couldnt tell im in a teeth kinda mindset :D )
Also, i was glancing through the confrence Endsign this week. (Ensine as dad would say) I decided that i want to be a "Confrence Photographer" it looks like so much fun :D or just be a photographer for the church in general. I miss going on random photoshoots by myself, they were awesome times to just think to myself.
Today it is snowing in Sierra Vista.. not to stoked about it. Yesterday we had to bike only a couple miles to dinner, but it was in super bad winds and rain. we showed up totaly soaked. It was really humbling i sang the song ♪♫ " The winds and the waves shall obay thy will, peace be still, peace be sill" ♫♪ the whole way there. It didnt make the rain stop but it made it at least a little amusing.
You allways have to find fun in the work.
 The Blue Angel pictures are pretty sweet. DId you take my camera? you should have. Feel free to use it when ever. If you break it i expect the new and updated version when i get home though :D
Hope all is well in STG!
Love you all so much!
Elder Ettinger Sr. (as opposed to kyle being the jr. =P )

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