Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kyle 3/19/12

hello Family!
Wow i cant believe that ames and i are 20 years old now! the time sure keeps flying by! especially out here in the mission field!!
thanks for all of the birthday presents and what not! i got mom and dads package super early since it was sent from applevalley! i took the gifts out of the box and kept them on my desk for almost a whole week before i could open them. that strenghened my patience ha! it was also funny because my roommates decided to hide them all! and it took me 2 days to find them all again. marens package was also really fun! i enjoy the CD and all of the small toys! good times we have had with those plastic bubble things!! thanks so much!
i also got an awesome package from kimberli, she sent me two ties, some legos, and some really cool custom made stuff with some photoshoot pictures that her and her friend did. pretty awesome!!
oh i didn't mention that i actually opened everyones presents on the morning of the 17th! because the 16th (and 15th) i had a leadership meeting that was from 8:00 to 5:00!! so i only had time to eat dinner both days, and then off to bed once i got home.
I REALLY loved the chance i got to see kim nelson! we went to lunch together, and i got permission for it to just be Kim, austin, and myself. i left my companion with some other missionaries. so it was a good time to catch up and whatnot.
Ames and i talked on the phone for about an hour the night of our birthday! that was a really fun time as well! We got to talk about our missions, and the good memories we have had along the way up to where we are in life now. it was way fun! ha dont be jealous!
We went on a cool hike today that had about a 65 foot waterfall at the end of it. i kept looking up at the top and saying to myself "i'll bet 20 bucks that there are some solid rapelling anchors at the top of that beast!!" i wanted to rapell down it SO bad!!
Today we also had an appointment with our investigator, who didnt let us teach him, and he told us that he is going to stick with his own religion. That was a pretty big damper on the day! but we just gotta have the faith to continue to find new people to teach.
Mom, my training is almost over! it has been a super quick 2 transfers that is for sure! i am to the point that i need to get a new companion. And i really dont think i am wanting to train a new missionary again. i need to learn more about how to teach and find new people. since i havn't been able to do much of that in my last area.
Being a district leader has brought alot of stress to my mission. It has taught me alot, but i really need a break from it for awhile so i can recouperate or something.
For easter, please dont send a ton of candy! i dont need it in my growing body!! maybe just some nice pictures of the yard or something ha! i dunno! i want a nice picture of the red rocks in st george to put on my desk. that'll be a good easter gift i guess.
Thats way tight that you guys got to see the blue angels! looks like it was a ton of fun! ha did you find any neat fossils on the hill?? Did you get to drive the truck clear to the top of the hill and not have to get out and hike it? sure hope so!
Thanks for everyones love and support!! It helps me stay positive and find the good in all things! i am excited for this next week. We get to put together another play set in someones back yard!! the ward calles us missionaries the "Playground experts".
love you all!
love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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