Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ames - October 9, 2012

So totaly loving being a missionary, this is the greatest work of all time!
Congratulations to mom and dad for finishing the marathon. I tried having a memeber in the ward text mom friday night but apparently you dont have the same number anymore or maybe i just dont remember it anymore i dont know haha so i had them text dad instead. I think its fun. There were a couple people running from the tortolita ward, ill have to ask them at church on sundee how they did. I, like kyle and maren, really missed being there for marathon day. its was so much fun riding the course on our bikes as a kid. Maren and mom will remember the last one that the three of us rode that i drank waaaaayyyy too much water (Nothing new there i was and still am a camel haha) and "Up-Chucked" it all at the top of one of the bigger hill climbs haha. good times. How did the old bearded guy with the brown shirt do? or what about the guy that takes a stroller every year? love it!
I really enjoyed confrence, we got to watch it at the stake center, with a couple members, and with an investigator! Loads of really good information and quotes. I really liked the talk about asking a missionary. after the session we were making up more things you should ask a missionary about: "Would you like to save your soul? ask a missionary" "Would you like to have your weeds pulled? ask a missionary" "Would you like to cook dinner for someone? ask the missionaries" "Would you like your roof redone? ask a missionary" haha it was fun. On sundee night we went and contacted a referal that we have had for a few weeks now but we have never been able to catch them home. We met with him and introduced ourselfs and instantly we had a gospel conversation going. He is ready to hear the gospel. We talked with him for about an hour and a half that evening and we are going to be going back this next sunday to continue teaching. Also this last week, we were tracting and we knocked into a lady that came to church two weeks ago to the primary program and she just loved it! so she said she would talk to her husband about having us over this next week! super cool, and they already have friends in the ward! And to add some icing to the cake, on our way to emailing today we got a call from a member of a diffrent ward that talked with a former investigator that is in our boundaries that wants to start meeting with the missionaries again :) We are working harder than ever and we are seeing the miracles rollin it. Love the mission.
Super duper excited for the Tucson Arizona Temple!!!! we watched the first session in the stake center and it was our whole zone of missionaries and then a few other members and when President Monson announced the temple there was quite a bit of fist pumping going on haha. after we all settled down we realized that no one heard where the other temple was going haha. The members are super stoked. Im sad  that i wont be around for when it finishes but im definatly going to come down for it :)
Thank you all for your prayers and for your encouragement. Its getting very real that we wont be out here much longer.
Much Love!
Elder Ettinger

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