Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kyle - October 15, 2012

Dear Family,
Thanks for all the emails and support! Lots of fun reading the weekly emails.
So i gotta start off with a funny story.
Last friday we came to the library to make a copy of my drivers license, to send with my voting packet. And i totally left my license in the copy machine! I didnt notice that it was gone until last night, i was lucky to be able to come here this morning to email, and i asked a man to look for it in the lost and found. It was there!! Win!
I didnt think anyone would have use taking it with them, so i wasnt nervous about getting it back.
Second cool thing, on the way to the library today, i totally was talking with one of our investigators, and set a baptism date with them over the phone! pretty cool experience ha
The date is set for Nov 10th. Now i hope to be able to stay again this next transfer. But who knows. the church is true no matter what happens.
Mom, i am not happy that my funds are getting close to that limit again, i am really trying harder to not spend my home funds. Can you send me my total balance of my savings account? you know, the one that had my money from work. Im curious what it is at. But just send that to me in a seperate email, i dont want to make ames jealous...ha love you ames!!
I love doing service projects! its so fun!
This last weekend we were able to help our non-member friends again with mowing there lawn, and we got to till up there garden with a sweet tiller machine! Way fun!
Elder Bowler came through the mission this past friday and saturday.
He took us out to lunch when he got here, and we went with him while he ran a couple errands. We went to a tool store, and i bought a "pencil Torch" which is like a blow torch that does a 2000 degree flame, but its small and handheld! super legit.
Bowler bought a bunch of tools for his shop and what not at home, he says that he is working alot, and having a good time.
He told me that lindsley miller met him in his ward, and asked if he knew me, since we were in the same mission. He said "Yea i know kyle ettinger, we were companions" ha I thought that was pretty cool.
Our meeting with elder C. Scott Grow was really awesome!! He focused on the importance of less active lessons, and asking the less actives for refferals, because it really is the in active members, that have made friends with the non members around them.
We all know that active members hardly ever make friends with non members. So i thought that was pretty awesome.
Hope all is going well at home, and in NC maren!!
Everyone keep being happy and having fun!
Dad, good luck on your big ol paper!! Get that thing wrapped up alright?
Thanks for everyones love and support! it means alot!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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