Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ames - October 1, 2012

This last week has been a pretty good one, we were able to meet with our investigator a couple times and he is super super prepared to recieve the gospel, way cool. We talked to him about bringing members with us to future appointments and he was ok with it so im thinking that will help him want to come to church and it will keep our lessons a  bit more focused. Im really excited about it :)
For Pday this morning we went and played some frisbee Golf again, the big pond that was there last time recided quite a bit so we could play a bunch more holes, but then one of the holes went through a mesquito breeding ground and so we decided to call it a day and go get some breakfast at ihop haha it was a good choice. This afternoon we are going to hit up a two dollar bowling place. way stoked.
We had two babies blessed in church yesterday, it was fun, both of them were actualy cute babys too haha. you know how most babys are really not cute but everyone is obligated to say theat they are anyways haha. It got me thinking that i want to read what my baby blessing said. Im pretty sure mom wrote it down in our journals. if this is the case i would like a copy either on paper or just in an email would be fine too.
The Voter registration lady called me the other day because she was procssesing my forms and i put 3/16/12 for my birthday... whoops. We got it all squared away though and i should be reciving an early ballot so i dont even have to go to the correct voting place. i better get one of those fun stickers though or I'll be mad.
Good luck to our Marathon runners! There are at least two people from my ward here in tortolita that will be going up to the STG marathon. ha. ill tell them to say hello to you all when they run by!
Love you all mucho!
Elder Ettinger

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