Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kyle - October 1, 2012

Dear Family,
Hey there everyone! Man seem like the time keeps going by! and everyone in life is still busy as ever!
I just want to thank everyone for all of there love and support! i would'nt be having as much fun, be as motivated if i didnt have the love of my family! I continue to hear stories of missionaries hardly ever hearing from there family, and it makes me so upset!! i am just so blessed to have such a great family that cares about me alot!! much obliged!
The past couple days, since i emailed last wednesday have been pretty good.
We were able to do two different service projects. One was cleaning up a front yard, and cutting down a bunch of dead limbs on a tree. The other was mowing and weedeating a yard! my favorite! and at that same house we got to pull out a big willow tree with a tractor and a truck! super fun stuff!
Because elder koyle worked on a farm, and did landscaping type work as well. We talk about how we miss mowing grass and running tactors. It was a fun reminder of what i will be able to do when i get back on the golf course at home.
Funny story, our zoneleaders called us last night really late, and had us drive down to one of the other missionary appartments because we were closest to them. They werent answering there phone or texts, and they hadnt reported numbers yet, so they were worried that they werent home/dead ya know?
Well we went down there, banged on the door, and found that they were there, already sleeping, before they reported there numbers ha. It was kind of funny.
Thanks again for everyones love and support!
i am really excited for general conference this week!
Love you all,
Elder kyle Ettinger

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