Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kyle - October 9, 2012

Dear Family,
As you have probably realized, we are allowed to email for a short time today, because of the holiday yesterday! its so lame that all of the holidays land on a monday!
Mom and dad! i am so excited and happy that you both did really well in the marathon! mom i am so so so proud of you for finishing your first race!! I can honestly say that reading your marathon report has been the most i have ever missed you my whole mission! I wish i could've been there to cheer you on! I am so happy mom! i Love you so much! Good job! So happy right now!
General conference this past weekend was probably my favorite of all the conferences i have ever watched! Very awesome talks given in this one.
My companion and i were helping a family move saturday morning, so we missed the first hour of the first session. So we did miss the news of the mission age change, but as soon as we got to the church to watch the conference, three other missionaries came running up to us to tell us the crazy news! Pretty exciting stuff!
Elder Koyle and i have been chattin about it. and we are hoping to see some 18 year old Elders and 19 year old Sisters be assigned to our mission before we are heading home. However, getting deep into the works of the mission, if alot more sisters come out on missions, that means more car areas for the sisters, and alot more bike areas for the Elders. hope i am home before that happens ha. I like to be in a car.
Thats cool that Jimmy is on a mission in Salt lake. I cant believe he is already out on a mission! people grow up super fast! How old is trevor now?
Elder bowler is coming to our mission this next weekend! He Is going to stop by and take us out to lunch or something. Pretty excited to see him again.
Sounds like everything is going pretty well at home! Thats nuts that mom pulled out a big ol yam out of the garden this last week! Crazy stuff!
I cant believe that we only have like 12 more days in this transfer! this has for sure been the fastest of my mission! My companion is just the bomb!!
Thanks for the emails and the support! you guys are all awesome!
Have a great week and always be safe!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger
p.s..did anyone see warren jeffs or "Totally awesome computers" guy in the Tab choir this conference?
Hope that brings back some good memories! ha

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