Tuesday, December 4, 2012

18 Months! Ames 11/19/12

Kyle and I hit 18 months as a missionary sunday. i cant belive that we have made it this far. i thought for sure that the second coming would have happend by now haha.
This week was really cool. Fast forward to sunday though because that was by far the coolest day this week.
So we go to church and remember that kid that we talked to at the stake BBQ a few weeks ago? well he showed up to church today! and the first thing he does is pull out the book of mormon that we gave to him and shows us a scripture at the end of Mosiah. A little confused i ask, "We left you a chapter in 3rd Nephi. did you start from the begining and read to here?"  "Yep" was the reply that i got! before the end of church he finished mosiah and was ready to read alma! He is a stud. Then durring priesthood opening exercises he sat with us and asked a couple questions about the temple, which we answered and then he asked, "I would really like it if you guys could do like bible lessons with me, could you do that?" Hmmm. well it just so happens that we as missionaries have these lessons that we teach people :) AMAZING experience. now, fast forward to later that afternoon. We are over at a less actives and he has a story to tell us. In the past he has explained how he is very anilitical and so he has had a really hard time with faith. Well this last weekend he had a friend whos server at work went down because of a power outage and he was pretty sure he lost two years worth of data that had never been backed up. If this information didnt get recovered this guys buisness would fail. (Quite the task right... no pressure) Before C... left to go work on it, he said a little prayer asking for guidence to help his friend. After a full nights work trying to get the memory recoverd nothing seemed to be working out. Then all at once, both men got the same idea at the same time and said it out loud at the same time. They tried it and were able to recover all of the data and get they guy back online. C.... told us that this was the first spiritual experience where he could honestly say there was someone helping him out. Its really interesting how the spirit works for each of us. Some people can just say a prayer and get a feeling. for others, a server needs to go down :) It was a really fun week.
Im really excited for thanksgiving this week. We are eating with a really cool family and we will hopfully be taking our investigator with us as well. Should be good.
Love you all so much!
Elder Ettinger

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