Monday, March 11, 2013

Kyle - 2/18/13

Dear family,

Man this transfer has gone by so fast! but the last week was deffinatly the slowest of the whole thing. knowing that transfer calls come at the end of the week doesnt really help that at all.
So elder kyle ettinger is finally being transfered out of the maple ward!! i was not suprized but really hoping to stay in this ward for the last two transfers of my mission. I was also called last night and asked to be a district leader again. i am excited to be able to help out more missionaries than just my companion again. Thats what i love most about being a DL, being able to help more people be happy.

i was asked to give the opening prayer in church, i said i would. Then about cried when i was walking off from the pulpit, didnt want my last sunday in the maple ward to ever end.
Then to top it off, some of the primary wrote me "we will miss you" cards. 
i feel like i am leaving from my home ward right now! its been really hard! But i am excited for new adventures.

Lots of missionaries have been telling me lately how they look up to me alot, for being so happy and positive all the time. I sure appreciate knowing that i am not only helping non members, but the missionaries i serve around as well.

This transfer ending has been pretty tough, elder jackson and i are gonna miss being together, man my past two companions have only been with me for 6 weeks back to back! whats with that?? lame!
I am really excited to see something different again, and to be able to again, re-focus my efforts to becoming a better missionary.

Thanks for the emails from everyone! sounds like the family is having alot of fun! i am happy for everybody! 
Mom you are so awesome! i am so proud of the progress you have made riding bike and running! 

Today for p-day we were able to go to a huge bounce house building for completing our zone game (goal). We all played old school games like freeze tag and another game called "infected" it was super fun!! there was one time where i was running full sprint behind the bouncers against the wall, trying to jump over all the blower machines that pump up the jump houses, and i totally caught my backfoot toe on one of them, and wiped out super hard! totally skinned my shin up on the carpet way bad! But all in all we had a good time! we got to spend two hours there messing around.

I will for sure give you guys my new address when i find out where i will be posted. 
Sorry this is kinda boring today. Please forgive me. We dont get a whole lot of time when it is a holiday.
Thanks for your love and support! it means alot to me! 
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

p.s..tried to get ahold of sister davis' sister, but it was a no go, and we didnt have time to drive down where she lives. So i may reffer it to the elders that are serving in her ward boundries. Sorry about that.

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