Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kyle - 1/28/13

Hey Family,

Thanks for the emails this week! its always fun hearing from everyone.
Thanks jake for bunging out and saying "see you soon" i might as well just
pack my bags for home now huh? fail...

umm, so this past week was pretty cool! our district was challenged to hand out 10
books of mormon. elder j. and i handed out 5 yesterday, in our ward we have been challenging the members to pass our BoMs to there neighbors, but we were like "how can we ask them to do that, if we havent even passed them out to our own neighbors" so we packed our bags up with the books and headed out to our appartment neighbors.
we gave out our 5 books in a matter of 10 or 15 minutes!
 one was to this really awesome lady who didnt speak english, my companion asked if she would like a copy of the book in spanish instead she said "ha ha no no, i am armenian" turns out the lady was from russia! super dope! she asked if we could get the book in russian, so we are gonna order one from the office this next week.

Elder j. and i are having a really good time! we told each other that if we dont laugh for any reason, at least once a day. Something in our companionship is wrong. A.K.A we get along super great! which makes the work so much more fun!

i am in the point of my mission where i am older than alot of other missionaries as far as months go. So whenever members ask "So who is close to going home?" everyone points their fingers at me! it is actually kind of depressing! i really dont want my mission to come to a close.

i am glad that maren and jake got their big pallet of stuff. Thats pretty exciting! we helped a lady move this past saturday, and i was the director of the truck packing. Glad that ames and i have recieved some great opportunities to pack trucks efficiently.

Thanks cannon couple for the pictures! Some of the wedding ones you already sent, but i really enjoy getting pictures and showing off my cool family to my buddies. 
Dad, elder j. was talking about getting into physical therapy. Any chance you could send out another packet of info to help him out? like you sent out for the other sister missionary a few months ago?

Time keeps flying here in the mission! its super crazy!!
we have zone conference on tuesday! yay for sitting in a meeting from 8:00 to 5:00!!

Thanks for everyones love and support! it sure means alot! i hope everyone has a fun week!
always be safe and have a good time!
p.s. Mom, at dinner last night, we were talking alot of doing gardening and growing your own produce. they asked what you can grow in your green house in the winter time? i totally forgot so i told them i would ask you... I like to tell people that you cheat in the winter time ha ha

Take care everyone!! keep being awesome!

love, elder kyle ettinger

so i just wanted to show you these two pictures.

one if of ames and i teaching a lesson to an investigator haha
and the other is of my companion and i walking along the aqueduct in the sunset

just wanted to share with ya

have a great week guys! much love!

Elder kyle

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