Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ames - 4/22/13

I dont know about you guys but emailing is getting harder and harder. haha.  i feel like we basicly report on the same thing each week.
its all good though, ill see ya in a few weeks haha.
Things are still going really well here. im super excited to leave this area much much better than how i found it.
We will be having a baptism here in the next few weeks, it may even work out that it will be on the last saturday of the mission, that would be
pretty neat i think.
happy late birthday dad, i forgot to mention that in my last weeks email. I hope you had fun!
So just curious, When is the Pine Creek trip planned for? Just need some dates so i can maybe fill one of those extra tickets.
mom, could you do me a huge favor and set up an Eye doc appointment for that first or second week back. My glasses are in need of replacement. They are pretty scratched up. haha. i appriciate it.
Today for Pday we are going back up to the mountains and having tin foil dinners again. we are going to a new spot though so it should be pretty fun.
 I hope you all have an awesome week!!!!!
 much love,
Elder Ettinger

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