Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kyle - 4/15/13

Dear Family,

thanks for the emails this week! always fun to hear whats going on.
our past week wasnt very eventful, we were able to teach a couple less active lessons. We went to a stake meeting, and found out about a cultural celebration that will take place a week before we get home. We are required to be there for both nights that they have the show. its like a dance presentation. it should be pretty awesome!

Happy Birthday last week maren! glad to see that your trip to disneyland was awesome! just to think that you were only like an hour away from me when you were there! pretty legit!

mom i am still proud of you for how hard you are working for the race that is coming up! i especially keep you in my prayers that you will do really well! No worries, you are a champ mom!

i have not received my own flight info yet. But thats funny that i will be getting home pretty late in the afternoon. I guess that means i wont have to leave super early in the morning from the mission home. which is what most of the missionaries have to do when they leave.

Things are going alright here in the mission. Really not much excitement going on as far as the work goes, which is a real bummer, but i am doing what i can to stay busy.
thats crazy that we are getting a new stake president! Watch it be doctor locke ettinger haha. just kidding. Seems like pres. lyman has been in there for ever!

today the weather is super nice! overcast right now with a little rain here and there. We are gonna hit up the frisbee golf course today! super stoked about that! ha I'm such a dork

thanks for all the love and support!
hope everyone has an awesome week!
be safe and have fun!
love, elder kyle ettinger

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