Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kyle - 5/1/13

Hey there Family,

This past week and a few days was pretty good!
We did have out zone conference on monday, and i
actually enjoyed most of it! it was a really good last
zone conference in the mission. The topics were about
the book of mormon, repentence, and how we can be
better planners each day and week to be able to find
the "Seekers" of the gospel in our mission. pretty good.
Last zone conference i got moved out of my seat for talking
to much. this didnt happen this last week ha. So i must have
been paying more attention this time.

Really stoked to go fishing when we get back! i was just thinking
today. How are we gonna fit the 3 boys and dad on the little boat?
I feel like we are gonna be rockin and swaying the whole time we
are trolling around kolob?? Trial and error i guess. Maybe we could
upgrade to a sparkly Bass fishing boat? ha just kidding.

Good luck mom and dad on your race this weekend! hope all goes well!
i will be cheering you on here in california! As ames said, i am excited to
hear about moms experiences with her first ironMan, or we should call it
the iron Woman for her sake.

Sorry this email is a bit short and a bit lame this week. just prepping 
for departure. I have my departing temple trip and interviews next week,
and the departing devotional a week from sunday. Crazy to think that we
will be home really soon! The adventure is coming to a close! Through the
good times and the bad, i wouldn't trade my mission experiences for anything

Love you all! thanks so much for the prayers and support!
Extra prayers will be given to those who mentioned them! 
Keep it real! and share your testimonies with everyone!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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