Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kyle - 4/22/13

Dear Family,

Hey everyone!! 
I am not gonna lie, i really dont have much to report this week...
we were able to go help give a blessing to an older lady in our ward,
she is so so nice and loving!! She reminded me a lot about grandma
and just how she was always so loving, soft, and gentle all the time!!
i am so very excited to be able to meet my other grandparents when 
we head on up to the spirit world! its gonna be awesome!

Thats crazy that katelyn is getting married soon!! everyone is just growing
up! who is she getting married to? i dont remember anyone named jessica 
that was in the MTC while we were there. That was almost 2 years ago haha
the mission that perry is in was somewhere in Ghana. I know that his mission
split into like three seperate ones since he has been out. but i know that it
is there in ghana somwhere. Look it up on google maps or something haha.
i remember meeting hazels brothers when they visited that was really fun!
Good times! 
Good to see that the ward is gonna be getting more greenhouses! they should
make it a church commandment that everyone needs to grow a garden to help
out there neighbors and friends that are non members. That would be a really good
finding activity. haha. its the comments like that, that make me see that i've been
thinking like a missionary for so long now! ha

love you all so much!! just to think..we may only have 2 more chances to email
before we get home...pretty crazy!!
Have an awesome week everyone! keep working hard and having lots of fun!!
love, Elder kyle Ettinger

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