Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kyle - 5/6/13

Dear Family,
First off, Congrats on the race last weekend! i am really proud of how well
both the parentals did! but of course 90% of the focus should be on my mom,
who is such an amazing woman! great job on finishing the 70.3! you are the
bomb! (Dad i am proud of you to! dont think that i am not...did i tell ya i loved ya
Thank you so much for the constant support while i have been serving out
here in the mission field. Something neat that we talked about at dinner last
night is that alot of missionaries back at home would say "oh on MY mission.."
but is it really our mission? No, its the lords mission! I am so happy and grateful
that i chose to serve a mission for our heavenly father, and our brother jesus christ.
I really cant believe that it is already coming to a quick close. It didnt really hit me
that i was going home next week till i arranged things with brother karatti to take my
things home, he said "elder Ettinger, the two years is already up? seems like i was
just dropping your bike off to you in your first area"... The time sure has gone quick,
and i've loved every minute of it! I wouldnt have been able to make it through the thick
and thin without the support of my loving family! i cant thank you enough!
Today is our last full pday in the mission field! Its really cloudy and has been raining
quite a bit, so we were thinking about going up and doing the etiwanda falls hike again.
My companion, and the two elders that we are hangin with today, have not done the hike,
so it should be really fun! (shout out to of which is john werner..BYU info? ha)
This coming wednesday i have my temple trip in the morning, and my departing president
interview in the evening at about 5pm. Then next sunday i have my departing dinner with the mission staff, and departing devotional after that. Then come next monday, i have about half the day to get my things ready and the assistants will be picking me up, and we all head to presidents home to have another dinner and talk with him. Tuesday morning i will be heading to ontario airport to jump on the ol plane to fly home! Seems like a busy week full of "Get your crap ready to go, and get outta here" type activities ha it will be really quick i am sure

I dont think i will be needing any money transfered for luggage. i plan on only walkin off the plane with my backpack. Brother karratti combined with kimberlis cousin, will be able to take my left over things home for me. It should work out really well as i have it planned out in my head
I should be able to jump on my email during the week once or twice in case anyone else has any questions.
Thanks so much!! love you all!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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