Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ames 12/12/11 Tis the Season

Man the Christmas season is sure comming up fast. and its alot diffrent out here in the field rather than being home. I have noticed that i want to do alot more for the people around me and im worrying alot less about what i want and all that junk. So its really fun. So this last week, as always, had its ups and downs. We found a new investigator! and she really wants to know how our church can bless her life and also the lives of her kids. So that was way way awesome. But we were also dropped by two of our gators as well. they told us that they were going to go with an online church... what the heck is that... ha i even asked him, "So how does and online church even work?" and he was like "They film the sermons and then post them up online"... What?? that isnt church... it pretty much is a scam for money im sure. way lame.
Glad to hear about marens interview!! thats so freaking legit! when will you be interviewing? AAAAA i so stoked for you!
 Calls: we can call anytime during the day. and we can talk for about an hour. What kyle and i have been talking about doing is calling each other and then three way calling over to you guys. does that sound ok? Im thinking that we should call sometime in the afternoon. like early afternoon. about 2ish? it also depends on when everyone gets out of church. ill be done at 10 so ill be gold after that. We also must take into count that kyle is an hour earlier than us right? so like if it was 2 here it would be 1 there? something to remember
Christmas cookies! well i think the best would easily have to be almond roca.. Plus we cant catch the "Fish" with out it :D
 The decorations look good. We decorated our trailor this last week :D we only had one strand of tree lights, but it works! we will be taking some christmas card photos today, so we will be sending them our hopfully soon :D
Hope we are all looking for ways to serve others this christmas season.
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger
One more with the WWII Jeep

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