Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kyle 12/12/11

Hey there Family,

I cant believe we're already going into week 4 of this transfer! this is by far the fastest december ever! i remember it would drag on so slow during the christmas season back at home. But its gone by quick for me.

This past week we had whats called a "Ward Tract" where we dedicated an hour and a half to tracting with the ward. We had about 3 families show up, and like 5 single sisters, and about 5 SETS of missionaries. So we were able to get so much done with all of the participation that showed up. It was a really good time! and lots of the members have been really motivated to do more missionary work.

Thats crazy that Jordan is home now, i'll bet kim nelson is pretty excited about that! Time sure flies when you just get to work and don't waste the lords time. Ty patterson will really enjoy his mission! its like the coolest thing ever!

I haven't found out exactly when we'll be able to call home on christmas, ive been told that we can call whenever we want to during the day. But i'll find out more on that since its coming up really quick!! And yes, ames and i will be able to call each other, we've both received permission from our mission presidents.

The snowmen on the front porch look pretty awesome! good job mom! 
Being district leader has really taught me to be a better example to the other people around me. Our mission has been told by elder packer, that we need to be more unified, and more charitable to each other as missionaries. So the zone leaders and District leaders have taken the committment to keep pennies in our shoes at all times, so everytime we feel the penny, we're suppose to remember to be charitable. i thought it was a really cool idea. I'll be able to commit the rest of my district to do the same thing this next tuesday.

Its been a good week! and i'm looking forward to the next week to come!
I love you all!
Love, Elder kyle Ettinger

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