Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekly letter - December 5, 2011

Hey Family,

This week has flown by like nothing, which is crazy because i've been sick this whole week and it has been so lame!

i'll just give you the few highlights on the week. First off, we were able to teach a lesson to our investigator ___ this past tuesday. We taught her the doctrine of Christ, using chapter 31 of 2 Nephi. it went really well, but she wasn't super receptive of the message we were sharing with her.

The second thing, we were able to help 2 people move this past saturday, one was a move out, and one was a move in. And its always fun to do the moves. Because it seems like i've done a hundred moves, and i'm just pro at them now. So i always look forward to em.

The best thing of the week was a baptism, which took place this last saturday Dec 3rd. i'm hoping you were able to get the pictures that his mom and myself sent to you. 

Being district leader is becoming a bigger responsibility in our mission. President Godwin is wanting the leaders of the mission to be more accountable for things. Its really fun being able to call my district on sunday nights and get there number for the week, and to see how there companionship is going. I have my second district meeting this tuesday, which i'm hoping will go real well.

Thanks for the japan goodies, those fish almond things made me gag big time!! sorry i had to throw them out! Everything else has been pretty good. I also got the postcard. I keep all of the postcards in a seperate pile compared to my other letters. 

The mission sure is going quick for me. It seems like i just got here last month! Now we're approaching 7 months! isn't that crazy?

I hope everyone has a great week!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

p.s.. Mom i'll be working on trying to find some cool ways to do some extra service. thanks for the good idea.

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