Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ames 12/19/11

So this week has been a great week.
Our new investigator that we got came to church with us this week and
said it was exactly what she needed to hear :D so that was great. Im
thinking that it may take some time for her to accept the church but i
know that she will. love the work.
So we were tracting yesterday and we ran into this thug guy and it was
elder staleys turn to do the approch, and he just like froze and didnt
know what to say. and i was planning on leaving him out to dry because
i havent done it yet and he needs to learn that im not going to always
step in. but the spirit told me to open my mouth and i did. and the
words just flowed! it turned into a great contact and we left him with
a pampflet. I dont know if it will turn into anything but it was super
spiritual for me so what the heck.
Cant wait to talk to you all on sunday! so i think the final plan is
kyle and i chatting for a bit and then we will call you guys right
after you get out of church at 230. sound good? and my phone has the
ability to three way call so it should be easy enough. im not sure if
im going to be at a members or not. but regardless you will be hearing
from us :D.
So i kinda epic failed at gifts this year, i didnt really get anyone
anything... im sorry. but its like kyle said. we dont have any time as
missionaries. if anyone wants anything spesific from arizona let me
know and i will get it for sure.
Love you all so much!
ill talk to you more on SUNDAY!!!!
Elder Ettinger

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