Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekly - Ames December 5, 2011

So yet another week gone by in the feild of missionary work! Flippin nuts thats for sure. This week definatly had its ups and downs. First i will tell you about the downs then the ups. So my companion and i hiked up to the top of this mountain, at night, and got some super sweet shots of the lights of Tucson, super super cool. Well when we got back home we were doing some long shutter speed shots and i was just using the arm of the couch as a tri pod. Well my camera fell off and the lens wont focus at all... Gay... Sooo naturaly i took my camera appart to see what i could do. I found that the entire camera works just fine. but there was one tiny tiny piece in the lens that was broken... So what do you do? Well instead of buying an entire new camera i just wanted to order a new lens. Well apparently you cant but ANY parts ANYWHERE online... So frustrating. So I just bought a Refurbished one off of ebay that passes all of the manufactures inspections for a new one coming off the line but it was only 120 bucks instead of 200. So yea. that wasnt super fun but im willing to spend the money to document my mission. Now some good news :D Well first of all this week was pretty slow. We dropped a total of 6 investigators this week. and boy did we need it! we had a pretty stagnant "Teaching Pool". so we cleaned up shop a bit and now we are focusing a TON on finding. so our numbers plumited but the coming weeks we should be able to see some improvement. Which is good :D. So now for the good news. haha. We were eatting dinner last night at a less active member families that is comming back to church. and they shared with us their goals to be sealed in the temple :D :D :D :D i was so excited! i love the temple so much and shared brief Testimony of it. anywho. Highlight of my week. for sure. Unfortunatly that was about all that happend this week.
I enjoyed the ideas of serving others. I love service so much. Im glad mom and dad raised us kids to serve others and also how to work hard. There are alot of lazy people in the world when it comes to just helping out for nothing, but im not one of them :D and no one in the fam is either :D.
So now for your questions:
 yes got the packages. thanks. also got the postcard. really cool (Love photography)

 Training is going well. With the new missionary training program that the church came out with just as kyle and i got out here makes it super easy to train the missionaries. so its going well. He is a really quiet kid so the mission is helping him out alot on that part. So its way good. We have had some pretty awkward door contacts though tracting :D haha but thats the best way to learn how to swim right. just chuck em' in?
love the work!
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger
ps. Dad were you ever a DL,ZL, or AP?

Sweet WWII jeep
6 month tie burning

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