Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kyle - One Week 'til Christmas

Dear familia,

I was emergency transfered the other day, and got put in a spanish area! I'm so freaking nervous!! and have no idea what i'm going to do!! My new companion doesn't speak hardly any english! and i feel like i'm gonna just die!....

Ha! i'm totally kidding! that would really suck if that happened. The reason i have such a joking sense of humor, is because this last week we've started some companionship rivalries if you will... three companionships, including myself, have been pulling pranks on each other, (No worries i've been givin permission each time i prank one of them). The first prank i've done, was pouring 14 cubic feet of packing peanuts into a sister missionaries Bathtub, and all over their room. it was awesome! because one of them is super careful about a clean room ha!! i'll keep you updated on the jokes and what not.

We were able to get a really solid potential investigator, he said he believes almost everything that we do, except for the 3 kingdoms of glory. we're gonna be able to teach him next weekend. but for now i was able to give him a plan of salvation pamphlet. and told him to study it, and we'll talk about it in our appointment.

We had a ward christmas dinner two nights ago, where i was able to sit on santas lap! and i wished for a call home to my family ha! it was really funny. We also had our stake choir concert last night, which went really well!! I love being able to listen to the songs and feeling back at home being in kim nelsons choir. Speaking of. i thought kim stopped the choir? since he was released as the chorister in church??

Christmas is so close by! i cant believe its only one week away. We have our members set up to let us come over and call home. We'll be able to call around 1 o clock, since our church is only doing sacrament meeting on christmas. Which lands it at 2 o clock at home right? Ames and i will probably call each other on our mission phones first, exchange numbers for the members phones, call again, chat for a  little while, and then try the conference call to dads phone. i'm pretty sure we'll be able to get it to work. I'm super excited to talk to you guys! but kinda nervous at the same time! i wonder if anyones voice has changed ha.

Mom, i enjoyed your idea about the service. We're lined up to go help the salvation army on the 21st, so i'll be able to get something sent with your favorite candy, but it may come on the monday after christmas.

Also, i'm gonna give migule my letter and present to maren, and he's gonna drop it off to you guys on his way up to salt lake. I apologize for slacking on the presents this year. Being a missionary, its tough to be able to actually get out and shop and try to get things everyone likes. Sorry!! 

I hope everyone has a really good week! and stays safe this christmas season!!
Don't forget to go buy some hot chocolate from the sevy family ha! :)

Love you all! Can't wait to talk next week!
merry christmas!

Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

Packing peanuts in large quantities

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