Friday, March 2, 2012

Ames - 2/21/12

so this week was a so-so week. Im still learning where everything is and who everyone is. i dont like moving to a new area. just for those reasons.
Church was good on sunday though. Met lots of new people, the memebrs here are really awsome so no complaints. And biking has been going a ton better ever since that first day.
Funny story this week. We were getting a ride home from our dinner appointment, and we were behind a obvioulsy drunk driver, who was all over the road and hit a curb and blew out the front right tire of the car! so the member called it in to 911 and gave a good description of the car and we followed it into a gas station parking lot waiting for the cops to come and do their thing. After about 5 minutes they showed up and talked to the lady. turns out she wasnt drunk at all but texting! it was this total barbie girl that probably was a terrible driver in the first place! geeze. Pretty funny. dinner and a show that night.
So some more news... I lost my wallet yesterday... Super stressful. We went down to douglas with some other elders to chill there for pday. its a border town about 50 minutes away from sierra vista, but its still within our zone. Well it must have fallen out of my pocket because its gone and i dont think its coming back super duper stressfull :(. Luckily there was no cash in it, just credit cards and stuff. still pretty annoying though. Also, there were those medical cards mom gave us before the mission in there as well. is that bad? i sure hope not.
So all in all this week did end up all the fun. but there were some fun times along the way.
sounds like you all are doing great back home. Keep up the good work!
Love you all.
Elder Ettinger
ps. Dad remember when kyle and i were kids and we would work on projects with you? i loved going to lowes or home depot and playing hide and seek with kyle while you gathered all the stuff we needed. Good times!

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