Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birthday Week! Ames 3/12/12

So this last week was a pretty slow one as far as the missionary work goes. but all in all it was still a pretty good week.
We had a Gator that decided to move to San Diego and then moved two days later. We were able to get her phone numbers for the bishop of her new ward and such so she can find the missionaries again, i hope that she is able to stick with it in the move.
its crazy that kyle and i are turning 20 this week! i remember when we turned 8 years old and how that was such a big deal becasue we could be baptized and such. that was twelve years ago! This week is also the birthday week for two other missionaries in the zone. So we are going to be having some sort of birthday shin dig this week. Im glad you sent all the party supplies because now we can have a legit party.
So this week we went up to Tucson for an appointment elder ranger had, while we were up there we were going to stop up at the mission office to pick some stuff up for the zone and also to drop off some records. On our way there, i saw some smoke coming from underneath the truck, hmmm i thought, no big deal, there is a really crapy car infront of me it must be their exhaust or something. A few blocks later, sitting at another light i saw a little bit of smoke come up over the hood from the right side. Again, hhmm its not billowing so there must not be too big of an issue. The yet again and another light it happend again and my companion saw it as well. So i decided to call an audibul and turn into the parking lot that was conveniently next to me. Park in a stall and popped the hood to use my savvy mechanic skills. Open it up, Smoke. Everywhere!!! turns out that one of the heater tubes broke off of its bracket and so there was coolant all over the place just burning up! Usualy i would call kyle, but instead i called Elder Nystrom back in sierra vista who is bomb at cars like kyle. He used another truck at his end and i walked him to the problem over the phone. Pretty crazy. We ended up having to wait an hour and a half for a tow truck and we got to spend those few hours with the Vehicle Cordinator who  was actualy really nice about the whole thing. Fun Stuff.
Caving last week was really fun, the caves were HUGE! really big open rooms and stuff. I wasnt able to get pictures of the inside that were any good because it was really dusty inside.
Hope you all have an awesome week.
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger

US border

P-day fun

The broken-down truck 

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