Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ames       4/9/12

So this last week was a normal week here in Sierra Vista, thats funny that lena used to live here. ITs not all that much of a city haha. Its weird how i havent connected with this place like i have my last areas, its just not there. Its not like a bad area or anything, just no connection. I wouldnt mind getting transfered in a few weeks. Elder Sims goes home at the end of this transfer, I dont know if i mentioned that or not last email. Its flippin crazy! I remember when i ifirst got out in the feild and i asked how long he had been out and he replied "Just over a year" and now he is about to get on the plane. Time is going by way too quick. Kyle and i have less than 6 weeks until we hit the hump.
Congrats to mom on here winning that race! thats so cool. and the fact that you are going to be running the St.George Marathon next year? that is so cool. IM sad that us kids cant bike up the route and cheer on both of our parents. Are you plannin of running together or no? 
Do you all have any cool plans for the summer. Kyle and i will be doing missionary work. haha. IF you go anywhere super cool like japan im going to be mad. Just becasue you are saving millions not feeding kyle and i doesnt mean that you can just go wherever you want to :D
So i want to get a sweet hand gun when i get home, or before i get home... President killpack said that i could buy a gun here and have it shipped home. Obviously i would still have to be 21 but guns are much cheaper here because there are less taxes on them and what not. What do the parentals think about that idea?
Our missionaring this week was slow. but picked up a bit at the end of the week. We are excited for this week. we were able to get back in contact with a couple gators, We are planning on  setting a baptismal date with one of them for the end of the month, i think its more that possible :D
Loving the work and loving you all!
God Speed.
Elder Ettinger

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