Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kyle - September 26, 2012

Dear Family,
Hey there everyone! How are things going back at home? How is the weather?
It is suppose to start cooling down here in the desert, It has been a super hot summer, and i really hope that we have a nice spring.
The past week has been the usual, we were able to visit with 7 different families this week! Which is quite a bit compared to what we have been seeing in the past. so that is pretty cool.
The picture that you sent of dad with his skin cancer removal was pretty intense! it reminds me of the time i had that deal taken off of my hand. People still ask me what the scar is from. I tell them to look up my facebook page, and they can see the hole in my hand.
Thats really cool that the chickens are starting to learn the ropes of life and what not. Not gonna lie, i am pretty excited to see there home, and get to know the names of all of them when ames and i get home.

Elder k and i are doing well, we are getting along, having a fun time. And life is just good!!
Because the work is so so slow here in the maple ward. We are talking with our mission president to close the maple area down for missionaries for a couple months. a.k.a the maple ward wont have any missionaries in there ward. Because no one is helping us with the work, our ward mission leader is never in contact with us. So we think that if we deprive them of the blessings of the missionaries being in there homes and ward. They may get there act together.
I am really getting excited for the marathon coming up this next month, what is the exact day of the race? so i can cheer from california. I am really excited to see how mom does.
Dad, i dont think it matters what you do, we already know that you will finish it, you've done it a million times. ha Just kidding, i wish i could be there to support both the parentals.
Next month on the 10th, we are having our second mission tour, which is when someone from the qorum of the seventy comes. We are having elder C. Scott Grow come. it should be fun, i wanna joke with him and say "so do you ever tell people to see scott grow?" ha
So why in the world does my bedroom become a laundry and sewing room?? That had better change when i get home. haha
The time keeps on flying by out here in the wonderful california desert!! I think we have about 247 days left....but who is counting right??
Mom, glad that you got the letter from me, hope you can get it to maryilan soon.
I cant seem to figure out how to spell her name.
I laughed when i heard that ames hasnt been smiling much. i thought to myself "If he was with his twin brother, that family would get mega annoyed of us!" man i cant wait to see my brotha again.
Thanks for all of the love and support that you give me! it sure means alot!
Everyone be safe and have a great week!!
Talk to you in a couple days, next monday.
Love, Elder kyle Ettinger
A rain suit Kyle found in his apartment.  Railroad workers wear suits like this.
A champion again
A baja bug we helped a member with

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