Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ames 11/26/12 Winding down in Tortolita

So first of all, im emailing on Gmails new "Compose" layout. not quite sure if i like it or not. it makes it look alot like a chat menu. The place where i am typing is a box on the bottom right side of my imbox so that i can type up an email and check other emails at the same time. this preview thing also said that you can type multiple emails at once... who would want to confuse two diffrent emails at the same time. i would imagine that you would end up sending the wrong stuff to the wrong people haha. so im going to just stick with writting one email at a time.
This last week was the BEST week we have had here in the tortolita ward since i have been here. Our investigator J.... agreed to be baptized on december 22nd and he is reall y really excited for it :) he is telling everyone who will listen that he is getting baptized. He had some really awesome spiritual experiences this last week that have given him that back bone for his testimony. He doesnt live within our ward boundaries so we will be passing him over to some other missionaries here in the zone but it has been such a great time being able to help him start his journey in the gospel.
I agree with dad, im thinking that both kyle and i will be getting a transfer call, hence my subject line. Its bitter sweet really, Im excited to see where the next phase of my missionary service takes me. But at the same time it will be sad leaving this ward, its for sure my favorite ward. I was able to see it grow from practicaly nothing into a working area that will be able to hold up for quite some time :)  Its really nice being able to think that i will be leaving this area better then i found it. Thats one of the things i learned in scouts :)
So some sad news in the past couple week, Our good friend Dave Lunt has been reliesed as a counciler in the mission presidency. He served for five years and served with three diffrent mission presidents. He was a really cool dude. I will continue to keep some tabs on him when i visit the Gila Valley or if i ever get transfered back there.
Thanks mom for the package, i thought that it was funny because last week i asked for some almond roca in my email and then later that day i get a package that had some! it was tasty. The bread makes awesome toast especialy with that honey butter. yum yum.
I also got a memory card from kyle this week. Its fun sending pictures and videos back and forth so we can better see whats going on with eachothers mission.
Thanks Giving was pretty good, nothing really special, just too much food and lots of left over pie. Just another day i suppose haha.
Thanks so much to all of you for your love and support and prayers.
Much love,
Elder Ettinger

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