Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kyle - 12/10/12

Dear Family,
Let the work in Hesperia continue!!!!
i am so so stoked for this next transfer! My new companion is elder j Q., he is from Battleground, washington. which is near vancouver i guess.
He was in my zone my very first transfer of the mission, one transfer when i first came to hesperia, then he came back to hesperia last transfer as one of our zone leaders. then he was being transfered. I was so mad because it was gonna be the third time we were only in the same zone for 6 weeks. but then at transfers we were both blown away to see that we were made companions for his last 6 weeks of his mission! later he told me that he requested to president to be my companion for his last transfer! it was really cool, because president actually made it happen! he doesnt usually follow through with companion requests. So we are way excited!
Since this transfer started we have just been getting more and more people to work with, and its only the 1st week that is over!
we have 3 new baptism dates that we set up all this last week! We also got a ton of contacts (a contact is when we just talk to the people on the street or at the door) we planned a transfer goal to get 600 contacts in the next 6 weeks. This is the most i have EVER planned for in my mission. Well, last week we got a total of 101 in just the 5 days we had this week! Pretty awesome! we are heading strong towards our goal!
sounds like everyone is having a good time! i am so so excited for maren to be able to go back to st george finally, and not have to live alone from there on out. :) That makes me really happy!!
Question, can we start talking about a time to be calling the family on christmas? Because its on a tuesday, we can call anytime during the day. i just need to know what will work best for when we start asking members to use there phones. Ames and i can set up the calls like we have done in the past.
I am glad that you guys got a better tree this year, last years tree was nothing to miss out on thats for sure. ha just kidding. I am excited to be able to get a tree next year when we are home. Can you believe that we almost have only 5 months left? Seems like we were just barely saying goodbye to the postmas the night before we left for the MTC.
Thanks for everyones love and support! glad you liked the christmas card, please share it with maren as well, because i forgot to send her one. I forget she lives out of the state sometimes. my bad. Maren please forgive me.
Have a great week! love Elder kyle Ettinger

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